Saturday, December 16, 2000

i have entirely too much stuff. i am trying to pack to go "home" for Christmas...and i can't believe the amount of crap i have. it's incredible. i need to get rid of some of it!
hm. what else. i don't love my boy, Brett. he's the best.
that's all. i have to finish packing and loading the car. hopefully all my stuff, and brett's stuff, and cheriƩ's stuff will fit.
more later.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

so i went to ikea last night. talk about consumerism. i spent $165, and i'm sort of kicking myself. it's one of those things where you walk along and put stuff in the cart, thinking, 'oh that is a good deal' or 'i should buy this for ______'. then when you get to the checkout, it's $165.87 and you go 'how did that happen?' i don't know. i will admit i like to shop, but i am torn about consumerism. it's bad. and that directly conflicts with my affinity for shopping. hm. what to do? i don't know. keep shopping?
this whole website thing is my attempt to jump on the bandwagon. i'm just following suit -- many of my friends have already done this. so i feel like sort of a copy cat. but it's fun anyway.
well, i have to go check on dinner. it's cooking (and probably burning) as i write this. i set off the smoke alarm the other night. i would like to think i'm domestic, but not really. i guess domesticity takes effort which i'm not willing to make.
adieu till later.