Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Well, i guess that "more later" means a MONTH later...exactly. wow. it's been a month. so now i'm back at school, doing school-type things...studying, reading, working, procrastinating. i think i've discovered that procrastination is part of the college experience. it's necessary, you have to learn the technique (even though some already have it mastered by the time they get here...i think i did.).
anyway, i owe SPU $2600 i DON'T have. i don't know what to do...hope that somebody drops it in my lap, i suppose. so if anybody out there has $2600 extra dollars you're just willing to give away, let me know. cause i need it. the alternative is dropping out of school, which is never a good idea.
i should go to sleep. i have entirely TOO much to do and too little time. but that's life. maybe someday i will be less busy. but not busy in the sense of bored, but busy in the sense of choosing what to do with my time. right now, it's dictated by school work friends boyfriend homework....all of which are good, but there are a few of those i wish i could get rid of altogether (homework, work)...but i can't. maybe someday i will be able to. hopefully. it's a nice thought.
debt is bad. i just wanted to add that editorial comment. i'm going to have too much of it when i am done with school here. bleh. i don't like it. i'll be paying it off forever.
church was good the other night. check out their website at www.marshill.fm. it's such a great church. exactly what i need.
i've been listening to the juliana theory lately. i really like that band. i only have a copy of their newest cd, Emotion is Dead...but it's excellent. i really like it. (but i already said that.)
well, i should REALLY go to bed now. i have to get up early and go to boring class....followed by interesting class....followed by work......followed by dinner with my great-i-o boy....followed by a meeting.....followed by homework. should be fun. sort of. some parts better than others.