Monday, November 19, 2001

i'm hoping this template changey thing worked.
11 months and 19 days...i forgot about this thing, obviously. i was cleaning out my favorites folder (which is entirely too full of stuff) and came across my friend joel's thing like this and realized that i had one too, one that i hadn't checked in...11 months and 19 days. aiee.
life's different now...sort of. it's still work friends boyfriend school homework, but the work is different and some of the friends are different and the homework is different. and the world feels different sometimes, too. i guess i'm different.
well, anyway, regardless of if i'm different or not, i'm TIRED and i think i'll go to sleep. i have to drive down to portland tomorrow...ech. not a fun drive...but it will be nice to rest this weekend.
that's all for now.