Saturday, July 10, 2004

being pulled over does nothing but destroy the pleasure of strawberry ice cream

So Brett and Wendy and Caleb and Marci and I were riding around Baxter Boulevard when a cop pulled up behind us, flashed his lights, and pulled us over.

It was really weird. I guess Brett and Wendy and I just happened to be riding three abreast when we passed him, though what was really happening was that Brett and I were passing Wendy. Then, the cop got upset because we weren't riding to the far right of the road, which, apparently is the law in Maine.

It's a stupid law, because our mopeds go between 30 and 35, and we were on a road with a speed limit of 35. And if we ride to the far right (in theory to allow cars to pass easier) we're actually putting ourselves in far greater danger than if we ride in the middle of the lane. See, if we're going 30, and we're on a road with a limit of 35, and people have to pass us, well, they are going to have to be going at LEAST 40 if not 45 in order to do so, thereby putting themselves at risk, breaking the law, and putting us in a worse position -- what if one of us hit a pothole or storm grate on the shoulder, had to swerve, and our choices were to hit the car, going 45 or to hit another moped? It's just not good for us or for the cars.

Anyway, I'm just ranting on about it because it is a stupid law. I'm a vehicle, too! I want the same rights as a car on roads that are under 35; it just makes sense to me.

Meh. Now Brett is all grumpy and so I feel grumpy. The cop didn't ticket us or anything; just lectured, but still. It's no fun. I'm going to go to bed now and maybe I'll feel better in the morning.

And it doesn't help that Dave and Liz are having a party/bonfire tonight, so that's right outside my bedroom window, and meanwhile, Brett's out there. I am just in a bad mood and I really want to snuggle with my husband, but he's out drinking beer. And then I feel guilty because I don't want to be out there, too...and I feel annoyed because he wants to be out there and not in here with me. AGGGGH! I just feel so conflicted and more annoyed with myself than anything else. Why don't I want to be out there? I just don't enjoy it. I would just much rather be in here, reading my book and being anti social.

Sigh. I'm just grumbly tonight; I don't know what my problem is. Oh well. I'm really going to get in bed and read now. That will be nice.

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