Friday, July 09, 2004

chocolate soy milk is yummy

Well, it's Friday night, and I'm not doing anything too eventful. Just sitting here drinking chocolate soy milk. I had the day off because I have to work tomorrow and Sunday, which is fine, but it does sort of suck when Brett's off. Oh well. I only have to work 10 to 4 so I don't really mind.
Susan from work came over tonight, and we had a fun evening. I made pesto -- YUM -- and we watched Spellbound, the documentary about the National Spelling Bee. I love that movie. It was wonderful! The 7 kids are amazing and so funny at times.
I'm being told that it's Brett's turn for the computer so I suppose I should cut this short. Maybe not, though - he made me wait 2 freaking hours last night, till I was asleep, before he offered me the computer. Enh. I don't care that much; I just wish that he would think of me like I think of him. See, I'm going to get off the computer in a reasonable amount of time becuase he wants it, but did he? Noooo.

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