Saturday, July 10, 2004

working on the weekend is no fun.

I'm here at work, and it's Saturday. Not so bad, really -- it's been fairly slow -- but I would still rather be at home.

It started out to be a nice, sunny day, and then about 20 minutes ago it got really dark and windy and rainy. I love storms like that! I just hope all the windows are closed at home.

I really have nothing to say today. We may go eat thai food tonight, and I would enjoy that. A big bowl of Massaman curry...mmm...of course, it's not as good as the Thai food in Seattle, but I can live with that.

Speaking of Seattle, I'm so excited to go visit. Only 20 days until we leave. YAY! I cannot wait. I miss Seattle so much -- the people, the food, church, the mountains...the fact that businesses stay open past 7 p.m. It's going to be really hard to come back to Maine when our vacation is over. Sigh. At least we know that we'll probably move back there when Brett's done at MECA in two years.

Two years really isn't a long time; I cannot even begin to fathom that we've been married almost one. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. I was talking to my mom last night about how we were freaking out about everything wedding related this time last year, and how my friend Sarah (who is getting married the day after our anniversary) is in that same place right now. It's funny; I hated doing the planning at the time. It was so stressful. But now, I look back nostalgically and sigh. Oh well. I guess things tend to seem better in retrospect.

Anyway, I'm babbling on about nothing in particular. Looking forward to going home at 4, eating Thai and hanging out with Caleb and Marci tonight. It's so odd that now they're moving to Seattle in a little over a week. I'll miss them a lot.

Ok, I'm all done for now. Got a few things to do before I leave work for the day so I should get to it.

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