Tuesday, September 07, 2004

feeling conflicted -- work politics suck

So, I asked for 2 personal days off today, to take in October. I have the time accrued; that's not a problem. My boss, though, was upset. I mean, I know I took vacation in August...I don't know; maybe I just shouldn't have asked. Because of her reaction, I just want to email her first thing in the morning and say, "You know, never mind. It's obviously a problem and I didn't think it through before I asked, so just disregard."

Sigh. Now I know I'll feel guilty if I end up taking the days. ARGH. If I'm ever a manager, I'm so not going to act like she does. It's like she doesn't like where her life has ended up so she takes it out on everyone around her, especially people like me, who are in a position below her and who have more education than she does. I mean, maybe the fact that I have a college degree and she doesn't is threatening to her in some way. (Is that just way too concieted to think? I mean, that she'd be intimidated by me? Maybe so but that's what crossed my mind.) At any rate, there is no need for her to be so snarky with me or anyone. I just keep telling myself that at least I don't work with her every day.

I'm going down to Boston AGAIN tomorrow, for the 4th time in 3 weeks. It's for Princeton Properties' annual employee party - it's a cruise on Boston Harbor. Should be fun -- free dinner, dancing, a cruise. Except it's supposed to rain, which is lame. But oh well. Susan and I are going down together, and we get to take a half day off work and come in late on Thursday, so that is good!

In other news, can I just say that I love being part of a moped gang? Well, almost part of one...we've submitted our branch review for official inclusion into the Moped Army and we should know within the next couple of weeks if we were approved or not. I hope so...Boston was so much fun last weekend, mopedding for 2 days straight is insane and wonderful. It was awesome to meet the kids from Virginia and Rhode Island -- the Virginia kids were insane and crazy and fun and the Rhode Island kids were really nice. And it was good to see Annie from NY, and Josh and Fred and Jefferson and Carey Sue and Jessica and the rest of the Boston people.

Ok, now Brett wants to drive up to Lewiston to look at Bates College; I guess he wants to photograph it. It's getting late so if we're going to do it we need to go! I might as well ride along; I won't get to see him much this semester as he has night class 4 nights per week. :(

Thursday, September 02, 2004

I can't come up with a decent title tonight

I have no one coherent topic I feel like writing about tonight, though I do have a few things on my mind.

I should really be doing laundry right now but I don't want to walk back outside and downstairs.

It's actually COLD out tonight! Weird! Fall is definitely in the air. There's a tree at work that's already lost its leaves. And, as I was walking down the path at work today, a leaf fell on the ground in front of me, as if to say, "Hey you! It's fall!" Last night we slept with the window open and the new neighbors had built a fire, so we had the cozy smell of woodsmoke to fall asleep to. I'm looking forward to fall, for sure (partly because everyone is coming to visit then) but I don't want to think about the fact that winter follows fall! ICK. Well, I did it last year and I can do it again!

Yeah, so here's our schedule for October/November:
Oct 7 -- Dad, Sandy and Jason come
Oct 11 -- Dad, Sandy and Jason leave; Bree arrives
Oct 16 -- Bree leaves
Oct 23 -- Jeff & Priscilla arrive
Oct 30 -- Jeff & Priscilla leave
Nov 23 -- Mom arrives
Nov 30 -- Mom leaves
Crazy 6 weeks, no?