Sunday, November 21, 2004

It's been a while...

Man, the past couple of months have been so busy. First, Brett started back to school, which meant that we basically started a cycle of not seeing each other very often, as his classes are at night. It's going ok now; we've gotten into a routine by this point. It was hard at first but now I'm used to being home alone in the evenings. The semester's almost over -- only 2 more weeks. Next semester, he'll have class during the day, so we'll be back on the same schedule. Yahoo!

We went to Acadia National Park again at the end of September. Such a beautiful place! I wish I had photos to post -- they are still on the camera. (Our computer is so old we can't download them so we have to go to a friend's house in order to do so). I love camping at Acadia. I think that Acadia and Peaks Island are my two favorite places in Maine.

October might as well have been called the Month-of-endless-visits. Dad, Sandy, and Jason came for the long Columbus day weekend. We had a great time! Dad and Jason and I biked around Peaks one day, which is so much fun. It was one of the last warm fall days, and biking was a great way to spend it! I was going to try to add a photo but our computer is dumb and won't let me. ARGH.

Anyway, after they left, Bree came the next day. We hung out for about 5 days, and even made a trip to Boston, then she left and we had a 4 day break, after which Brett's parents, Jeff & Priscilla, came for a week. We went to Boston twice with them, too.

It was a good visit, I think. I felt really bad; I was such a grump while they were here. I hope they don't think that's how I act all the time, or that I don't like them or something. I don't know what my problem was. I do love them, but it's always stressful for me to be around them for a long time. I don't know why. It's so odd, but I guess the adage about having the in-laws visit being stressful is true.

Maybe it's that I feel like in their presence Brett becomes aligned more closely with them and less closely with me; like it's not the two of us and then his parents, it's like it's his parents and Brett and then I'm separate. And that's probably natural, to some extent. I mean, they are his parents and he's known them a lot longer than he's known me. It's just one of those things that marriage entails; learning to love your in-laws as your in-laws and not just as your boyfriend's parents. And I really do love them, like I said. I suppose the stressful feelings were compounded by the fact that we'd already had almost 2 and a half weeks straight of visitors. Yikes! Not again! It's just too much. I need to be fresh when I am around Brett's parents, so I'm nice and not the snappy person I was when they were here.

Wow. That was sort of heartfelt. I hope that makes sense and isn't offensive or anything. It's just such a touchy issue in general (the in-laws, I mean) and I don't want anyone's feelings to get hurt if they stumble upon this blog. I don't want this blog to be something I censor all the time, but I feel like I almost have to do that. It's a matter of reminding myself that no matter how invisible I feel when I write this, people may in fact read my blog. Only, like, three people know it exists -- Brett, Melissa, and my friend Joel. And Melissa doesn't even have Internet access right now. So the chances of anyone reading this are slim...But I guess you never know.

Ok. Moving on.

After Brett's parents left, we settled back into our lives. It's been nice, these past three weeks or so. We've had some time to ourselves, which is wonderful, and we've been able to socialize with our friends again, which has been fun too. Now we're getting ready for my mom to come for her visit day after tomorrow. YAY! I am so excited!!! I didn't get to see my mom very much while we were home; only for a total of a few hours, really. It was disappointing, but that's how it goes. I really appreciate the way that she was so understanding about our obligations to see everyone, which meant we couldn't spend as much time together as she and I both would have liked. But it means a lot that she didn't pressure and was just really happy to have the time she had. And now we get to spend a whole week together, just hanging out! YAHOO!

Her birthday is on Thanksgiving, which she'll be here for. I have a card for her, but no present. I'm not sure what to get her. Maybe I'll have her go to the yarn store with me and pick out some wool for a hat or scarf. That would be fun! Then I'd get to knit but give it to my mom, too! Double duty! :) We don't have much planned for her visit, and I'm glad of that. We'll just hang out and have fun.

I wonder if it's as stressful for Brett when my mom is here as it is for me when his parents are here? I have no idea. I would imagine not, though -- men process things so differently than women do, so more than likely it's not even an issue for him. It's not like he'd talk about it with me, though, even if it were. (He's not the talk-about-feelings type, so much).

So Brett's all obsessed lately with building a "badass moped that goes really fast." Those are his words, not mine. It is practically all he talks about. Sometimes I get really annoyed and want him to quit talking about it! I mean, if I went on and on like that about things that I'm interested in, I would see his eyes glazing over after about the third time I mentioned something. (I've learned now only to mention something once or twice before dropping it.)

Oh well. I mean, I see where he's excited. It's creating something really cool and different from found materials, and thinking of creative ways to do it. I admire that. I wish I could do that, too , but the reality is that we only have the time and money for one all-consuming project around here -- and that's the Night Rider moped now. (Yes, it has a name. Yes, it will be all black, with chrome accents. Yes, it will be pretty cool when it's all said and done.)

In other news, Daisy is getting married in 13 days! I can hardly believe it. I am so very excited to be a part of her wedding. She's one of my very best friends, and I am honored to be able to participate as a bridesmaid. (I've never been a bridesmaid before!) I fly out a week from Wednesday, the day after my mom leaves. Then, I'll be in Seattle from Wednesday through Sunday. The wedding is on Saturday, and my mom and Melissa are coming up for that. I'm SO EXCITED to see Melissa! What a treat. Then on Sunday, I get to go to Mars Hill. Yippee! It will be so wonderful to be there. Oh, how I wish we could go there every Sunday! I miss it so much. Well, only 17 months and we'll be heading home.

I should wrap this up. I have some emails to write and some cleaning up to do in the kitchen and some laundry to rotate into the dryer.

I have got to be better about updating this...but I feel like every time I say that, it's like I'm making a New Year's resolution that will almost certainly be broken. Ha!

One way I would be better at keeping up with this is if I knew people would be reading it. Maybe that's the key -- just tell everyone about it so I feel obligated. There we go...a solution! Although, how self-aggrandizing would it be to send out an email that said something like: Please read my weblog and learn all about me! Yeah, just a little. ;)