Monday, January 10, 2005

I don't believe you, stupid hold guy.

I'm sitting at our home computer, on hold with my student loan people. The recorded message on hold just said, "We value the time you've taken to place this call and we will be with you as quickly as possible." Oh, and if you really valued my call, you wouldn't be playing some horrible, happy remix of Sultans of Swing.

As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to consolidate my loans...which is really turning out to be a pain in the butt. First, it took the people I decided to consolidate with three weeks to get out their requests for whatever info they need from my current lenders. Now, one of my lenders won't tell me when they can get the info back to the consolidation company, and they told me tonight that they may not approve the consolidation.

Can I just say WTF? (Pardon my use of an Internet abbreviation; I guess it's not much better than swearing outright but at least it's a little better)

I mean, can they honestly do that? They're not going to let me consolidate my loans? ABSURD. The reason the woman gave me was that it would be because I didn't choose to consolidate with their company. Well, duh. I got a better deal elsewhere. That's freaking EXTORTION, the last time I checked. I call BS on that one. Not cool at all.

Ugh. Anyway, in other news, I seem to be involved with a lot of message board drama lately. I only belong to two message boards, and both are dramatic right now...I mean, a board with 40 girls, ok, I can see the potential for drama there...but a board about mopeds? That seems a little odd. And it is. Message board drama is no fun becuase people start saying really nasty things that they'd never say to your face because they wouldn't have the courage. It makes for lots of unnecessary confusion and misunderstanding and, well, drama. The moped drama seems to have passed (*crossing fingers*) and hopefully the other drama will be over soon, too.

My feet are so cold right now. Yeah, just thought I'd share. It was actually warm here today -- about 36 degrees. It was pretty nice. We got a little more snow last night (a dusting, really). Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but Wednesday it's supposed to be "messy" again, to quote the weatherman. In Maine, that means snow + freezing rain. And that equals horrible roads and the whole world being coated in ice. The last time we had a storm like that, I literally had about 2 inches of ice on my car. Everything is a skating rink, including the fun!! Oh well...I hope it won't be too bad.

*side note* Now the recorded message is saying, "We haven't forgotten your phone call. Please, continue to hold and we'll be right with you." Um, yeah, I've been on hold for about 20 minutes; I'm starting to doubt that.

We went to Missio Dei church last night. I think it's going to be good. The pastor was really nice, and we got like 3 dinner invitations from people. It's really small -- only about 35 people -- but that's because it's new. It was not a normal night for them; they had a visiting pastor preaching. So I'm looking forward to the next time we go, which will probably be in 2 weeks, becuase we're going down to Kahlil's parents' house in Exeter this weekend for the big moped painting event. I am looking forward to it; I like Kahlil's parents a lot and it will be nice to get away. Hopefully we can be back for church, but I am not sure if we will make it in time. We'll see.

Work was insanely busy today. I have five applications I'm working on. That's a ton for this time of year! I'm not complaining -- I'd rather have tons to do than nothing to do -- I'm just sort of astonished. The day flew by. I didn't get lunch until 2:00 so my afternoon seemed shorter than normal.

Hmmm...I should start posting stories of funny and/or bizarre things that happen at work. There are so many. I mean, working in the office that manages over 300 apartments is sort of like asking for it in terms of dealing with people. There are, of course, the wonderful residents who I really like (and rarely see, becuase they're normal people who don't gripe) and then there are the residents who I've just never met, and then there are the residents who test my patience almost daily. Like the older woman who is obsessed with laundry, and when the washer in her building was having some problems last summer, threw her underwear at the maintenance man. Or the woman who calls becuase she wants to know why the company is spending "my rent money" on a new company truck. Or the man who never pays his rent on time, and comes in screaming, "What am I supposed to do? Starve to death?" And then the next time he comes in he calls me "love." *shudder* Or the man who insists on being called "Professor". Or the very average,very mousy middle aged man who claims he had a "license to kill" in Vietnam, and who the maintenance men say grows pot in his windows. Or the woman who calls to ask me why I left my car parked in my space overnight. (Oh, I don't know -- maybe because my husband picked me up? None of your business, anyway.) Or the 90 year old woman who says that she has never worn pants or driven a car.

I could go on and on...I meet a lot of really neat people and some whom I avoid like the plague, but at least it's never dull.

Ok, I need to wrap this up. I think I'm done holding. This is absurd. I will try to call them back tomorrow. I have a feeling they're just gone for the day and I'll be stuck on hold until tomorrow anyway -- might as well hang up and get in bed with Brett and Audrey-the-cat, who are already all snuggled in.

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