Friday, January 21, 2005

I'm here at work, and the day is just dragging by. It's only 2:45, and I am so sleepy...I seriously need some caffeine or something! Maybe I will go over to CVS and get a Coke...I should go to the bank anyway, so it would give me an excuse to get out of the office. It's really slow today -- the phone has barely rung at all. I have had maybe 3 leasing calls. Whoops, there it goes...of course; I type that and it starts ringing.

It's beautiful outside, but frigid. The current Accuweather reading is:
2:53 PM Currently: 7 F
RealFeel®: -18 F Winds NW at 20 mph

BRRRR. So, even though the bank and CVS are only a stone's throw away, I think I would drive. Even the 5 minute walk would be nearly unbearable. And while the car would be cold inside, at least I'd be out of the wind!

So my thumb has been doing this weird popping thing. It's been really sore and if I move it in certain ways, it will pop and even make a little sound. EW.

Well, I have some phone calls to make. I should get going...Since I started typing this, a whole HOUR has passed! YAHOO! Only 1 hour left till I get to go. :)

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