Tuesday, February 15, 2005

am I in a Kafka story?

Because I feel like I am. You know that story of his, The Trial? It's where a guy is on trial for something and he doesn't know what and no one will tell him and he lost in a sea of beuracracy and red tape.

Well, if something similar exists in the realm of student loan consolidations, then I've found it. I have been trying for TWO MONTHS to consolidate my loans. I am getting the runaround from everyone -- both ACS, the company who currenty holds my loans, and Nelnet, the company who is consolidating them. ACS is saying they (finally) faxed the form last week; Nelnet is saying they never got the fax. No one is coming up with a solution for me. This is becoming so incredibly infuriating -- It's extortion, I tell you! (That was just for you, Becca.)

Anyway, my new plan is to call ACS, be connected with the department who gets the faxes, then put them on hold. Then call Nelnet, ask to speak with the Processing department, who sends the faxes, and ask them to send the fax right then. Once it's sent, I'll switch back over to ACS, confirm that they got the fax, wait on the line while they fill it out and fax it back. Then I'll switch back to Nelnet and make sure they get it.

I mean, for Pete's sake, do I really have to hold their hands here? I am getting to the point where I'm considering if I should file complaints against one or both companies -- they are large corporations who handle MY MONEY, you would think they could handle one piddly fax. Maybe that's the problem, though, that it's one fax out of thousands.

ARGH. I just can't win. I tell you, I should rewrite Dante's Inferno, using this experience as one of the circles of Hell.

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