Sunday, February 20, 2005

another week...already gone by

I can't believe it's Sunday night again. It feels like this week just sped by. I don't really have anything specific to say tonight -- I'm just tired, sort of wiped out. I'm not sure why. Part of it is probably the fact that I worked in the nursery and taught Sunday School tonight -- and being with 6 children in a 9X18 room for 2.5 hours is tiring. I can't imagine how moms do it -- I guess it is just something that comes with practice -- maybe that is why babies start out small and cuddly, so you get a chance to get used to them before they become toddlers and very, very energetic kids.

I went grocery shopping today. That's about all the excitement in my life. I love grocery shopping, though. There is something about being able to go through and choose what I want, and choose the best values, and the ripest produce...I feel so proud when I look at my receipt and realize what a good job I did in saving money and getting yummy food. Silly, yes, I know, but it's a good feeling nonetheless.

We are supposed to get several more inches of snow tonight & tomorrow. BOO. I am so ready for the winter to be over...alas...we have probably 3 more months. Amy Silva and I (and probably Becca) are going to plant a veggie garden at the Silva's this summer -- I need to get on it, learn how to do it, how to start seeds from scratch, where/when to plant things, ask Caleb and Brett to build us a raised bed with a chicken wire fence...lots to do. I bet if I'm going to start from seeds I need to do it soon!

My throat sort of hurts -- I should get in bed. Maybe I'm tired because I'm getting sick, but I hope not. At least I have sick days I can use if I have to. Tomorrow is President's Day, so I have that off, and I am very glad. We're going to sleep in, then go downtown to do some errands, and then have dinner with Matt and Jenn from 50:1. FUN!

I am really going to get in bed now...I can't think of anything else to say, so I might as well stop typing.

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