Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I think I'm losing my touch.

Where cooking is concerned, that is. I just haven't loved anything I have made lately. And last night? Oh, jeez, I cringe when I think of this.

*whispering because I'm so ashamed* I forgot to put the spices in the lentil pot pie I made for Steve and Carmen when they came over last night.

Oh yes, just forgot. It made for a very bland dinner. They were very polite about it, but I know it wasn't very good. And that's such a great dish, too -- when it's made right, that is. I was so pissed at myself. I still am, really. I cannot BELIEVE I forgot that! (IIIIIdiots! says Napoleon Dynamite). And the enchiladas I made for Alyssa and me just weren't that great the other night. And the asparagus dish I made for Russ and Jen wasn't great either. They were all terribly mediocre -- edible, yes, but not great or even very good.

I don't know what my deal is. I have got to get it together and be better, I guess. I am just not feeling terribly motivated to cook these days...partly because we don't have a ton of money, so when I go to the store I buy what's cheap and not what I really want or am inspired by. I mean, if I could shop at, say Whole Foods or Wild Oats or Nature's or something, I am sure I'd feel much more motivated than I do, given the amazing yumminess that exists in natural/organic food stores, particularly in the produce section.

Alas. I guess I have to regain my touch somehow. I'm thinking I need to come back with a bang...maybe gnocci? I've done it once, so it shouldn't be too hard...and it's a pretty impressive dish. I just need to come up with a really great sauce for it, and have a party and people will once again realize that YES, I really am a good cook. I'm not lying. I promise!!!

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Brett Walker said...

leen i think you cook pretty allright,

i have to say i am not to interested in the lintel pot pie as it is, but it was still good minus the spices, and the enchiladas were good, what about firecracker beans, those are wicked yummy, and gnocci with marinara sauce and good bread and olive oil is yummy, you can cook a lot of great stuff

someday we will be able to afford good food and products, no more crappy hannaford guacamole, eeeerrrr

i will help you cook sometime, we can get wild and experimental and make yummy dishes, maybe we should try some thai again, or something more mexican than enchiladas or tacos, however i do like taco salads

anyways, i need to go in to school

i love you

have a good day