Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I like babies.

I like babies. I like them a lot. I think I would like one. (No, Mom and Rachel, not yet! I know you both would like that, though.)

Yesterday, I got to hang out with 24-hour-old Ryland Samuel Silva. What a snuggly little guy. I think I would like to hold him right now...perhaps I'll have the chance tonight or tomorrow.

Ryland is Angel and Amy's fourth baby. (Angel is our pastor, and Amy is -- obviously-- his wife.) You can see photos here: They have an awesome family; it's fun (though exhausting) to be with them. Although I don't know how Amy does it and keeps her sanity, I have to say that I look forward to that phase in my life! Nothing like an itty bitty baby to make me want one of my own...but no, I must ignore or muffle the ticking of my biological clock and not succumb to full-on baby fever. It's gonna be a while till I can think about that, unfortunately.

We may go down to Boston next weekend to see Damien Jurado play. He's a guy from Seattle, in the Mosquito Fleet, who goes to Mars Hill, and he and a couple other MF guys are going on tour. So I think we'll go, get to see them, get to see Fred and Carey Sue, and hopefully some of the other khz people. Fun!

Ok, I've got lots to do today; my short break is over now! Back to work.

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