Sunday, May 08, 2005

still sick.

I'm feeling fairly miserable today. My throat is scratchy, nose is plugged, I have no energy, my head hurts, and I feel dizzy. And the worst part? I am at work. LAME.

Only 33 mins left and then I can go home, where I am going to put on pajamas, make some homemade veggie soup with the help of Brett & Amy, take a shower, and get in bed. I really want to go to church but I just don't think it's a good idea. I would hate to get anyone sick. So I will stay home instead.

Also, I think I'm gonna stay home from work tomorrow. I am supposed to go down to Nashua for training on Tuesday afternoon, and I would like to be rested and well for that, especially since I'll be driving by myself.

Down to 29 mins left...woo.

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rebecca said...

How are you feeling now? Feeling better at all? It's been a month since you've posted anything, so I've been curious to know what's up! :) You can check out my "blog" at I try to keep things current on there, so...

Hope all is going well! :)