Saturday, June 18, 2005

rainy Saturday

It's totally rainy. But I kind of like it, because it's the soft, misty Seattle rain that you don't even hear hitting the window. I want to be in my house, baking brownies or doing something else cozy.

Alas, I am at work. Blech. Every day I realize how I am more and more ready to be done here, and how glad I'll be to start my new job. Only a few days left, thankfully. The only thing I would change at this point is volunteering to work at Princeton on the 4th of July Holiday weekend. BOO. Now I'm stuck doing that, and I really. Really. Really don't want to. Oh well. I was trying to do the right thing and I need to follow through on it.

We had a fun night last night. Brett called me at work around 4, and asked if I'd be up for going to hear a musician play at some club in Bridgton. I was feeling more spontaneous than usual and said sure. So after work, we headed to the Big Kahuna Cafe in Bridgton to hear Jon Shain play. Brett had called to find out what time it started, and they said probably around 8 or 8:30. We got there around 8 and went find that we were the only people there, other than the bartender, Jon, and his wife Marie. We sat around and talked with them for an hour or so, which was really fun. I just like getting to know new people.

Anyway, then Jon played, and it was great. Luckily a few more people showed up. He's going to be there tonight and tomorrow night too. If you like folk/blues music at all, check out his website and give him a listen: Good stuff. And Big Kahuna was awesome! It reminded Brett and me of a McMenamin's -- good beer, fun atmosphere, good music. We'll be heading back up there. It's about an hour from us, so not too bad, and it's a pretty drive up past Sebago Lake.

Once again, I'm feeling exhausted today. Gr. I just want to feel normal again! Not sure if I should go back to the doctor and request bloodwork or not. After my visit a week or so ago I'm a little put out with her because of her dismissive attitude toward my concerns. Something isn't right: I just want to sleep...and sleep...and sleep. But I wake up by like 7:30 every morning, not feeling rested. It's frustrating.

I just got hung up on by a woman who thought she had an appt today, but she's not on the schedule and I'm booked solid so I can't go show her something. She was pissed. She said she drove down from Bangor because she'd been emailing with someone in our office (I think it was the intern) and she'd had an appointment at 11. Well, it wasn't on the calendar, and I am booked solid today, so there was no way I could show her anything. Ugh. She was very pissed. I don't blame her, really, but what a freaking crappy situation. I'm just annoyed that I had to deal with it.

Well, I should do some work. Only 4 more hours and I can go home and be cozy. Yay.


Joel said...

I hope the newspaper is going great so far!

rebecca said...

Kathleenie -- First probably don't need to keep that anonymous comment...doesn't really apply, in your case. Second, we've made it to Colorado. Third, I have a job with a web publishing company that I'm liking thus far. :) Fourth, Luke is almost finished with is first week of classes. Fifth...keep track of us: better keep in touch and update your blog every once in awhile so we all know what's up! :) Seventh...hope your job is going very well (I can only assume it is, since you're not on blogger much! :) ). Eighth...Sara gets married NEXT Saturday (3rd of Sept), but I'm sure you don't need the reminder! :) Nineth, I heard your mom was over at my mom's place. Or at least they got together else where. Ten, I miss chatting with you! :)

There. I came up with 10 things (I hate about you?) that I figured you'd want to know... :) Miss you girl!!!!