Sunday, June 05, 2005

The voice is back...sort of.

Well, I don't feel quite as bad as I did last night. I went to bed and slept for about 9 hours, which was good. My voice is a little better today; I just sound pretty raspy and my voice keeps breaking. I can't talk for long periods of time, yet, but hopefully if I try to be quiet this afternoon and tonight, I'll be ok tomorrow.

This whole experience has made me think about what it must be like to not be able to talk at all. It would be so bizarre. I guess you would have to write or sign whatever you wanted to say...which would be so frustrating.

Hung out with Becca and then Melissa Pelkey last night. Becca and I got dinner at Panera and then went to the mall (yes, a bizarre place for the two of us to go) and walked around for a bit, then went to Borders so I could buy a book I've been looking for. After that, we headed down to Wells to Melissa's house. It's neat -- it was built in 1703, and there's even a tunnel underneath it from when the settlers had to hide from Indians. We had a bonfire and ate chips and salsa and strawberries with chocolate and just hung out. Good times.

Brett played poker with the guys from church again last night. He got home at about 11:30, and I was in bed reading. I guess one of the guys came home with him to hang out, which for some reason annoyed me more than it probably should have. I had just been so looking forward to hanging out with him and snuggling with him, and I didn't feel good, and so I was just irritated that my plan hadn't worked out, and our house is a mess, so I don't want people over until I have time to clean it up... And then I snapped at him about it, and he got mad...and it was just no fun. Sigh. Oh well, it's over now and I can't change it.

I should get on planning our trip out West for this summer. I had put off looking for plane tickets because they were expensive, and I was hoping the costs would go down, but it's not looking like they will. It's so confusing; we have to fly into and out of different cities, so it drives the price up really quickly. I'd be all for using up the airmiles we've accumulated, (we have enough for 2 domestic tickets) but Brett doesn't want to. He wants to keep saving them to go to Japan. I ask you, when will this ever happen? We had hoped for this summer...but no, and then next summer if we move back to Seattle we certainly won't be able to go to Asia, and then the NEXT summer, there could be all manner of weddings and babies and grad school to deal with. So that is why I think we should just use them up and not save them for Japan. It's like never using the china or wearing lingerie because you're waiting for a "special occasion."

Ok, work is beckoning. I need to email some people who are looking for, fun.

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