Wednesday, November 30, 2005

snow and technology

We got our first snowfall of the year last week, the day before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving day, mostly. It was the earliest in the year that it's snowed in the three years we've been here. I really hope that's not a sign of an extremely bad winter to come.

I am trying to post a picture but it's not letting me, which is annoying.

Of course, the snow is all melted now. In fact, today it's about 50 degrees and pouring down rain. Strange. Not normal weather for this time of year at all. But I'm not complaining, really. I hope we get another nice dusting for Christmas, and then after that, I hope it holds off for a little while longer.

I suppose I should appreciate the picturesque nature of the snow while we're here in Maine, but that might be stretching it a little too far for me. The most I can do, I think, is to try not to loathe it.

Also last week, we finally bit the bullet and ordered a new computer! Brett's parents said they'd help out, so we decided to just do it. We got an Apple G5, with a 20" flat panel cinema display monitor. It's pretty dang fancy. Or at least that is my impression, since the actual computer hasn't arrived yet. The monitor is scheduled to be delivered today, but the from the information on the website, the computer hasn't left the facility in Shanghai (yes, China) yet.

We also ordered me a little something since we were getting free shipping and an educational discount anyway...a 30g, black, video iPod. YAYAYAY! I am so excited. I have been obsessively pressing the refresh button on the Fed Ex tracking page, watching as it makes its way from Anchorage, Memphis, Tennessee. Right now, it's somewhere between Memphis and here. I should have it in my hands Thursday or Friday. Yahoo! I am totally stoked to get it and to play with it. Tres chouette!

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