Monday, December 19, 2005

awww, crap. just...crap.

We've been having trouble with our car, a 1996 Chevy Blazer, for a couple weeks. It's been overheating but we've been trying different things to solve the problem, starting with the easiest things first: adding antifreeze.

That helps for about 5 minutes and then it just starts to overheat again. And, there's been no heat in the car this whole time. So poor Brett has been freezing his ass off in addition to having to stop every mile and a half to add antifreeze.

Tonight, Brett and our downstairs roommate and car mechanic wizard Caleb looked at the car. Caleb said he thinks it's a bad water pump. Ok, not TOO bad, about $60 and a couple hours of their time to fix it. The problem? Well, problem number one is that Caleb's leaving to spend Christmas with his family in Vermont in like two days and doesn't have time to fix it before then. Problem number two is that he's taking his Kia (which I drive all week) with him, which will leave us carless. Problem number three is that Brett just spent the past hour looking up this particular problem on the internet (searches like, "chevy blazer + overheating" and "chevy blazer + no heat") and what he found has totally freaked him -- and by extension, me -- out.

It's like when you have a rash or something, and you go to WebMD and look up the condition and you suddenly are convinced you have scabies or cancer, and it turns out to be something as simple as an allergic reaction to the new laundry detergent you bought. (What? Have I ever done that, you ask? No, never! Um, or almost never...except for that one time.)

Anyway, apparently there are several comments by owners of similar Blazers that it's a problem with the entire heating and cooling system, and that despite replacing the water pump, the radiator, and, well, the entire effing system at astronomical costs, the problem has persisted for years, apparently due to a faulty GMC coolant called Dexcool that basically clogs the radiator and hoses so badly they have to be replaced. Read more here.

I really, really hope it's not that. *praying* Please, God, please let it just be the water pump. Please.

So now Brett's in a bad mood, and is totally convinced the car is going to, like, blow up or something, or at least -- as he put it tonight -- "cost a small fortune to fix." I really hope he's not right and that it is just the water pump.

Sigh. So now I don't know what to do. Should we wait it out and see if he and Caleb can fix it next week, and be carless all weekend -- even on Christmas and Christmas Eve? (I reeeeally wanna go to midnight church Christmas eve! and with no car, that won't be possible.) And what will we do for a car Thursday and Friday? We both have to get to work.

I freaking hate cars. I hate them. Well, ok, I like that I don't have to walk everywhere in Maine (it's too cold and things are too spread out for that). What I hate about cars is how they always seem to break down at the least convenient time financially. Why didn't the car break down in the summer, when we were much more flush with cash from Brett working full-time? Why did it have to break down now, just after we've spent what *I* call a small fortune on end-of-semester supplies and Christmas? WHY? It's like the car knows when it's a bad time, and decides to do things like this to spite me.

If you'll search back through the archives, you'll see we had car trouble last year at Christmastime, too. Sucks. It just SUCKS and I am PISSED OFF about it. AUGH!!!!

I hate having no money for things like this. I hate having a car that does this crap. I wish we hadn't bought the Blazer and had bought an economic, simple, fuel efficient small sedan instead. But we didn't. And I guess I can't change that. We'll probably be selling the Blazer by summer anyway so I guess the main objective now is to do what we can, be it through bubblegum and spit or through real repairs, to get the car working in order to see us through the winter and get the damn thing sold.

Ugh. I need to get back to working on work (which, yes, I am STILL DOING at 10:00 p.m.) or tomorrow is going to suck even more ass than this car problem.

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