Wednesday, December 21, 2005

a car update

We took the car to a mechanic this morning to see if we could find out what's wrong with it. I found the mechanic yesterday on the Car Talk website, by looking at reviews that other people had written. This one all had good reviews, so we thought we might as well use them.

The mechanic called a little while ago. The problem is, in fact, a bad water pump. Thank God it's not the entire freaking radiator system, which is what we were afraid of after reading those horror stories on the internet.

We decided to go ahead and have them do the repair, since we don't know when Caleb would be able to get to it. It's going to cost a bit of money, but nothing near as bad as I feared, so it didn't sound too bad when Brett told me the cost. They should have the car done today, too, so we can pick it up this afternoon.

Also, a big thanks to Randy, one of my co-workers, who offered to let us use his family's second car this weekend, since he'll be out of town. He called last night and said, "I was reading your blog and I saw that you're going to be carless this weekend. You guys can borrow our car if you want." How generous of him! I was really touched.

So for now, it seems the car trouble is solved. What a relief! I just hope we can fix the other small things that need fixing so we can continue on the road of getting it ready to sell in a couple months.


Kyt said...

Awww, that really sweet of Randy! And YAY that it wasn't anything too serious or expensive!

Tiffany said...

That was so nice of your coworker!! And yay on it being less than what you expected. That's great news!

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY!