Monday, December 26, 2005

our Christmas, in pictures

Got this from my in-laws...ha. (I mean, they gave me other stuff, too, but I thought this was kinda funny.) I think it's chocolate-covered raisins or something.

Little Aud, looking crazed with all the wrapping paper and ribbon around.

Our little familiy, and all our presents, piled on our futon/bed (we've been sleeping downstairs because it's so cold upstairs where our real bed is). Brett's been keeping the house quite toasty with the fireplace lately.

Christmas Eve -- the fire roars as Brett reclines in the Poang, drinking a beer, after eating tortilla soup and about three chocolate souffles.

Our Christmas Eve guests, Anita (whom we know from Brett's school) and Brad (whom we know from Brett's work).

Mmmmm....whipped cream. Mmmmm.

The nine individual chocolate souffles I made for dessert. Yummy heavenly goodness in a ramekin.

Overall, it was a great couple of days. I got an awesome sweater from my mom (basically she found exactly what I had in mind, after probably over three months of searching for it), some very generous monetary gifts from my dad, the in-laws, and a couple of Brett's relatives, and a really sweet journal from our friend Becca.

We slept a ton yesterday (two naps!), ate cinnamon rolls and pizza, drank champagne, watched two movies (one of which was Danny Deckchair, which I highly recommend -- hilariously funny movie that has elements of a romantic quality, but very little of the cheesiness that usually accompanies that genre) and went to church. A very merry Christmas, indeed.

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