Monday, January 30, 2006

having trouble concentrating...

At work...trying to finish up two stories before I have to go to a meeting in Westbrook...having a tough time buckling down and doing it.

(See? I'm not even typing in complete sentences. That should prove my lack of focus, since I'm usually one who prides herself on writing in complete sentences.)

Also, just a comment: I hate cameras. I hate having to check one out and I hate even more that I forgot to do this when the person who checks the cameras out to myself and other reporters was here. (Did that sentence make any sense? I hope so.) I am now hoping for a miracle that will either a.) magically unlock the door of the office in which the cameras are held hostage, or 2.) bring my boss back to the office before I have to leave for my meeting so he can unlock the door for me.

I just want this week to go by really quickly so it will be Friday and I can hang out with my friend Carolyn who is coming to visit from DC!

That is I have to go back to writing and trying to get some work done.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I love the library!

I went to the library this afternoon, to return some books and to see what else I could find. This was possibly the most fruitful library-going trip I've had in a long time! I got several books I'd been wanting to read but hadn't been able to get my hands on for a while, so that is a good feeling, and discovered a few new ones by authors whose work I'd read and liked in the past.

This is what I got, in no particular order: (all book descriptions are from Powell's.)

March, by Geraldine Brooks. She wrote Year of Wonders, which I had heard was good, so when I saw this book I picked it up. "In her follow-up to Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks has taken historical fiction to another dimension altogether. Using America's Civil War as her frame, she plants a famous (but deeply mysterious) literary figure at its center: Mr. March, the absent father in Louisa May Alcott's classic, Little Women. The result is a wholly original novel, a rich re-imagining of the nation's political and literary foundations, and arguably Brooks's finest work to date. Dave,"

The Winter Mantle, by Elizabeth Chadwick. I recently read her book Shadows and Strongholds and loved it. "Blending real historical characters and situations, Elizabeth Chadwick's latest novel takes readers back in time to life and love in the 11th century. William the Conqueror returns to Normandy for a visit, bringing with him 21-year-old Waltheof who attracts the attentions of William's niece."

The Chronicles of Narnia, by CS Lewis. Last time I was at the library, this wasn't in, so I was pleased to see it on the new book shelf today. I read the books as a child and have been wanting to re-read them, even before the movie came out.

Oh My Stars, by Lorna Landvik. I enjoyed her chick-lit-ish book Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons, so this caught my eye and I picked it up. "Tall, slender Violet Mathers is growing up in the Great Depression, which could just as well define her state of mind. Abandoned by her mother as a child, mistreated by her father, and teased by her schoolmates (“Hey, Olive Oyl, where’s Popeye?”), the lonely girl finds solace in artistic pursuits. Only when she’s hired by the town’s sole feminist to work the night shift in the local thread factory does Violet come into her name, and bloom. Accepted by her co-workers, the teenager enters the happiest phase of her life, until a terrible accident causes her to retreat once again into her lonely shell. Realizing that she has only one clear choice, Violet boards a bus heading west to California. But when the bus crashes in North Dakota, it seems that Fate is having another cruel laugh at Violet’s expense. This time though, Violet laughs back. She and her fellow passengers are rescued by two men: Austin Sykes, whom Violet is certain is the blackest man to ever set foot on the North Dakota prairie, and Kjel Hedstrom, who inspires feelings Violet never before has felt. Kjel and Austin are musicians whose sound is like no other, and with pluck, verve, and wit, Violet becomes part of their quest to make a new kind of music together."

Summerland, by Michael Chabon. I'd heard a lot about this book and wanted to read it for a while. It was near the Elizabeth Chadwick book on the shelf, so I picked it up. "Following the death of his mother, a boy moves with this father to an island, where a mystical baseball scout recruits him for a special mission and escorts him through a gateway to a series of interconnected worlds. In a starred review, PW said that the author hits a high-flying home run, creating a vivid fantasy where baseball is king."

The Wonder Spot, by Melissa Bank. I enjoyed her book The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing, and had been wanting to read this one for a while, so I grabbed it when I saw it on the new book display. "Bank is back with a new protagonist and a funny, moving, and utterly unforgettable look at a family on the brink of change. Sophie Applebaum, the young woman at the center of The Wonder Spot, never fits neatly into any description of who she might be: she's Jewish but lacks religious feeling; she's a book lover but a mediocre student; she's impetuous in love but isn't sure whom or if she wants to marry."

Until I Find You, by John Irving. I adore John Irving. A Prayer for Owen Meany is among my favorite books ever, and I'd been wanting to read this newest novel by him since it came out last year. However, a long waiting list deterred me from putting my name in at the time, so when I saw it today after I'd already checked my books out, I grabbed it and got back in line to check it out, too. "Until I Find You is the story of the actor Jack Burns – his life, loves, celebrity and astonishing search for the truth about his parents."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

100 things about me

If you make it to the end, I'll be really impressed. 100 things seems like a lot once it's all written out.

1. My middle name is Elizabeth.

2. I am only 5'2" tall.

3. I was born in Sherman, TX but my family moved when I was 3 to...

4. ...a suburb of Portland, OR, where I lived until I went to college.

5. My parents are divorced.

6. I have one brother, one sister-in-law, one sister, and one stepbrother.

7. I am married to my high school sweetheart.

8. We met in Ms. Holden's 6th period journalism class.

9. I was the editor, he was the guy who sat in the back of the class and goofed off.

10. We lived in Seattle for four years.

11. We now live in Maine where he is finishing school.

12. Sometimes I'm so homesick for Seattle that I start to cry, even after more than 2 years here.

13. Just catching a glimpse of the city on a car commercial or something can do this to me.

14. I hate not having any money and I hate having credit card debt.

15. I feel bad that I hate not having any money, becuase we do have SOME money, and there are people who have it much worse than we do.

16. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because I am worried about how to pay the bills.

17. I know that once Brett's done with school and we're both working full-time again, things will be much better financially, and I'm glad that there's a light at the end of the tunnel in that respect.

18. I work as a reporter, which I love.

19. As part of my job, I have to attend city council meetings almost every week.

20. Sometimes they are so boring I want to poke my eyes out with a hot fork but sometimes, I actually enjoy them and find them interesting. (Shh! Don't tell.)

21. I want to be a nice person: kind, loving, gentle, the kind of person who is nice to everybody, but I never seem to succeed. I always end up being snarky about something.

22. I believe in God, and that Jesus died for my sins.

23. I don't eat meat, and I can't remember ever eating a hamburger.

24. I hate eggs and will only eat them in baked goods.

25. I love chocolate, french fries, a good salad, pasta, Massaman curry, and Indian food (almost anything Indian).

26. I love to cook but I don't do it as much as I'd like to these days. I guess I'm too busy.

27. I eat way too much. I just like food.

28. My espresso beverage of choice during the summer is an iced double tall soy mocha, and in the winter, a double tall nonfat vanilla latte steamed to 135.

29. This pickiness about coffee is probably due to a combination of factors, including being married to Brett, the world's biggest coffee snob, having worked in a coffee shop for 9 months, and having lived in Seattle.

30. Sometimes, I think I'm really lazy at heart.

31. This could be due in part to the fact that my standards for keeping my house clean have plummeted this year, and I hate it. Yet at the same time, I just don't care enough to change the situation and clean.

32. All I want out of life is to be a good wife and someday a good mom.

33. I'd like to write a novel someday, although I suspect that while I have the technical writing skills to do so, I don't have the perseverence or the creativity to follow through.

34. One of my faults is that I'm a notorious people pleaser. I just want people to like me, and I hate that I feel that way but haven't been able to change it thus far.

35. Another fault is my need for perfection, from myself and others.

36. Another fault is that I tend to be waaaay overanxious about things over which I have either no control or very little control.

37. I'm trying to change that these days, but it's not easy.

38. I can read faster than anyone I know, except my dad.

39. I love to ski (downhill), and it's probably the only sport I'm actually good at.

40. I like to knit but as yet have only knit uncomplicated things like scarves, hats and mittens. I haven't been able to summon the courage to do a sweater.

41. I am fluent in French.

42. I majored in Journalism in college.

43. I minored in French.

44. I finished college in 3 years...

45. ...and graduated with honors from the honors program.

46. I really slacked off in the honors program so I'm not sure how I accomplished the whole graduating-with-honors thing.

47. I hate graduations; they are inevitably boring and overly sentimental. I think they're more for the benefit of the parents than the students.

48. Brett is graduating from college the day after my 25th birthday and just shy of 4 years after I graduated from college.

49. I will be so glad when he is done with school.

50. We have 11 mopeds and/or moped frames at our house.

51. Two of them are mine: the Snark and the Yankee Pedlar.

52. The Yankee Ped (as we call it) is a new old-stock moped that we bought with only 80 miles on it. It had sat in someone's garage for 30 years.

53. Someday, I hope to be able to commute on my moped.

54. I would like to have 4 kids.

55. I would like to be a stay-at-home-mom.

56. That way, I could volunteer at the kids' schools, and cook things, and keep my house in order.

57. I have four awesome nieces and nephews -- two nieces, one 8, one 3, and two nephews, one just 5 and one almost 6.

58. I love office supplies and have been known to go overboard buying sticky notes and paper clips.

59. I have several life goals, including learning how to fly a plane...

60. ...learning how to sail a sailboat...

61. ...traveling to all 50 states.

62. I'm about 2/3 of the way through with that goal -- the states I've visited are in red.

63. Many of those were visited on a few road trips we've taken: one 5,000 mile road trip around the West during the summer of 2002, our trip out to Maine, and some trips we've taken since being here -- to Kalamazoo, MI, to Washington D.C., to New York City.

64. I watch three TV shows regularly: CSI (the original!) and Without a Trace, which are both on CBS on Thursday nights, and (my guilty pleasure) the Gilmore Girls, on Tuesdays.

65. My favorite movies include American Splendor, because of the line, "Do Lentils have anything to to with Lent, Toby?" "I don't know, Harvey. I will have to ask Sister Mary Fred."

66. I also love Say Anything with John Cusack and Ione Skye. I can't pick just one quote from this movie; it's too full of good ones.

67. Other favorites include: Office Space, Pulp Fiction, Twin Peaks (not a movie, but it's on DVD, so it counts, right?), Napoleon Dynamite, the Princess Bride, and Meet me in St. Louis.

68. My favorite books are the Lord of the Rings trilogy, by JRR Tolkein (I think I've read them 7 times in the past 5 years) and Each Bright River, by Mildred Masterson McNeilly.

69. I read a lot, maybe two books a week, if I can make myself go to the library.

70. Brett thinks a lot of what I read is junk, but I don't think it is. Just because it has a pink cover doesn't mean it's vapid. (An example of thoughtful, good books with pink covers would be Jennifer Weiner's books.)

71. I think the only two books I actually did all the reading for while I was in college were Thucydides' History of the Peloponnesian War and the selections we were assigned from Michael Polanyi's Personal Knowledge: Towards a Post-Critical Philosophy. Reading the Peloponnesian War was a mistake -- that was one I could have easily skipped. Polanyi, however, I ended up really enjoying.

72. I remember very clearly where I was when I was reading both of these books -- Thucydides, in bed on a rainy fall Sunday afternoon in 210 Marston, and Polanyi, sitting in the skeesy little park next to Pike Place Market, also on a Sunday afternoon, but this one a gorgeous spring afternoon, at sunset, while Brett was in a meeting at work nearby.

73. At the time, Polanyi was very eye opening, and was a glimpse into a world of higher thinking that I hadn't really experienced before. It was one of the most difficult things I read and yet one of the most fascinating.

74. I have lots of pet peeves. I don't like to admit this but it's true.

75. I hate it when people don't use their turn signals. I think this goes back to the time when my mom was teaching me how to drive and every time I forgot to use my blinker, she'd say, "Kathleen, don't forget to indicate your intention."

76. I also hate it when people don't call me back. Especially if it's work-related, and I am waiting on them to finish a story.

77. I become agitated when I see or hear certain forms of poor grammar, and delighted to see things like the sign at the grocery store saying "10 items or fewer" instead of "10 items or less." You can count the items, so you use fewer.

78. I am really a geek at heart.

79. I love to grocery shop.

80. I make up little songs sometimes, to sing for the cat or at Brett. For example, to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat: "You are an Audrey cat/A snug-ly snug-ly caaaat/I like to snuggle you every niiiight/Yes you are my caaaaat."

81. (I told you I was a geek.)

82. I had braces for almost 4 years.

83. I had headgear, and I was the geeky girl who wore it to school. (See, that geek thing again.)

84. My favorite alcoholic drink is a Bombay Sapphire and tonic.

85. My favorite beer is...well...I don't really have one, i guess. Just something fairly light. I like a good amber ale, usually.

86. I really don't like rum. It makes me kind of sick. It's probably because once Brett gave me a drink that I thought was water and it was really clear rum, so I took a big swig of it and almost puked. I was definitely breaking the good ole SPU covenant (click on "Lifestyle Expectations" and see number four) that time.

87. Speaking of rum, I think pirates are funny. Especially these pirates. Arrrrg!

88. I have very vivid dreams at night, and I can usually remember them in some detail.

89. Once I dreamed that my friend Daisy and I were going to stay in a hotel somewhere on the California coast for a girls' weekend, and that the hotel was shaped like an upside down foot, sticking out of the sand. In my dream, Daisy was mad because we got a room in the ankle part of the foot even though she had specifically requested one of the toes.

90. I have never done illegal drugs of any kind.

91. In fact, I try to avoid taking legal drugs unless I have to.

92. I have never smoked anything, not even tobacco.

93. I am somewhat ashamed to say that in the just over two years we've been in Maine, I've had three jobs.

94. I want to be a really good writer. A funny writer. A touching writer. A writer whose works people want to read.

95. I rarely get enough sleep, because I need about 9 hours to feel rested.

96. I have this weird thing about remembering numbers - birthdays, license plates, phone numbers. So if I remember your birthday and you have no idea when mine is, don't feel bad. I'm just weird. Or if I know your license plate by heart, I'm not stalking you. Again, just weird.

97. My favorite thing to do, probably in the whole world, is to snuggle in bed with Brett and Audrey.

98. I am petrified of having someone I love die in some horrible, unexpected way -- a car accident or something. (There's that worry thing again.)

99. I'm cold right now.

100. I'm out of things to say, which is good, seeing as this is the end. Woo! If you made it this far, congratulations. You should get a prize. What's that? Me? Give you one? Oh, nononono. You misunderstand. I said you should get a prize. I didn't say I would give you a prize...Oh, ok. If you insist. After all, you do deserve it after reading 100 things about me. So here you go. I hope chocolate chip cookies will do.

Monday, January 23, 2006

AUGH!!!!!!! This day has officially gone to hell in a handbasket!!!!!!

I am coming very close to losing it here...too much work to do, too little time, too many people blowing me off or not calling me back, too much stress in general...

And to top it all off, I just realized that due to a very recent change in policy around here, the work cameras are now being kept in someone's office...and I didn't get one before she left. And now she's gone and her office is locked and I NEED AN EFFING CAMERA!!!! TONIGHT!!!!

If I were a swearing kind of girl, I would seriously be cursing a blue streak right now.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Gilmore Girls have cracked up.

Brett and I have been ardent Netflix supporters for several months now. We signed up for Netflix last July, as part of our "joining of the 21st century" event. (We got cell phones, Netflix, and an EzPass all in the same week. Very exciting.)

Up until now, we've never had a problem with Netflix -- the discs have always been great (as opposed to the ones we would get from Blockbuster or Hollywood that were often so scratched we couldn't play them, like the time we rented Being John Malkovich and only got as far as the guy going into the mysterious tunnel once. We were left hanging, never to find out what happens when you're Being John Malkovich), it's convenient, it's inexpensive, and it's fun to get movies in the mail every few days.

Today, however, I am not so pleased. I was sitting in the computer room about 40 minutes ago when I saw the mailman drive up and put 2 Netflix envelopes in our mailbox. I knew I'd ordered another disc of the Gilmore Girls (season 2, disc 1) that would come today, so that while Brett was at work, I could watch it.

I ran outside (in my pajamas, no less) to get the DVD. I got inside, ran over to the DVD player and turned it on, opened the red Netflix sleeve, and gasped. The disc? Was CRACKED. IN. HALF.

Yes, that's right. The lower-case "g" on "girls" was sliced in half because of the Grand Canyon sized crack in the disc.

AUGH!!! I'm so annoyed! Well, I guess I'm more just disappointed than annoyed. I am not necessarily annoyed with Netflix, I guess. I mean, our experience with them is overall a good one, and besides, it's probably the post office's fault. (Isn't everything the post office's fault? Late mail, undelivered packages, the higher postal rates that I didn't hear about until the day before they went into effect, thereby rendering my 37-cent "stop domestic violence" stamps useless, becuase I don't have time to go and stand in line until next August to get the stupid 2-cent stamps that they'd probably be out of anyway.)

I AM JUST ANNOYED, because ALL I WANTED TO DO TODAY was to watch the Gilmore Girls and snuggle with Audrey-cat while working on the scarf I'm knitting. But, I guess that's not to be.

Audrey gives me a hurt and confused look as she says, "Why aren't you snuggling with me? Why aren't you watching the Gilmore Girls while I play with the ends of yarn on your scarf? WHY?"

Friday, January 20, 2006

I am terribly, terribly blog-neglective this week.

I am so sorry...this has just been a crazy week for work, and has left me not wanting to write *anything* else. (For example, I was up until well after midnight on Monday night, writing, because...well...I had to in order to get everything done.)

Plus, I don't have a ton to say...the really, really warm weather is back, though. It was almost 60 degrees today!!! SO WEIRD. But it felt sooo good. It was like spring. No, wait, it was *better* than spring. I don't think it got that warm until June last year.

I bought some new yarn today, which was fun. I love buying new yarn. This was on sale so I got 4 skeins for like $13. Fantastic!! I am making a blue and white scarf, and using one strand of blue and one of white together so it's all tweed-y. I might start over, though, becuase I started on size 7 needles and it's a little bit too tight. So a larger needle would probably be good. I'll have to find my 10's.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Just trimmed, but it feels really good. My hair is so bushy and full of body that it gets all nasty and fro-like really fast. (I am not one who can pull off a fro.) So it was nice to get a trim. I also splurged and bought some salon shampoo. Woo!

Well, Brett's showering and then we're going to go run some errands, so I should wrap up.

I have two posts that are halfway done, so I'll try to finish at least one of them tomorrow, and try to be more regular with my posting in the upcoming weeks.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Random thoughts for the day

If news supposedly knows no holiday, then why is everyone I need to talk to today about stories I'm working on this week out of the office -- for the holiday?

Also, our foray into temperate weather is over, and the frigid Maine winter weather is back. It was a paltry 8 degrees this morning. I was freezing last night in bed, even under all the covers. Oh, and why, might you ask? Because the damper to the fireplace was open, and we sleep right next to the fireplace. Brr. No wonder I was freezing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

50 degrees. In Maine. In January.

Something must be off in the balance of the universe, because it's 50 degrees today. This is sooo strange for Maine in January. The average high temp in the Portland area in January is around 32 degrees. The low is 12. Two years ago, it was negative 10. And we have 50 degrees and sunny? Weird.

I'm definitely not complaining, although Brett and I were talking this morning and he said that the nice weather made him nervous, like the calm before the storm, if you will. Like maybe winter will really hit in a month or so and will last into May or June. (Perish the thought! That would be awful.)

I hope not. But whatever the reason, I'm really happy it's so nice out today.

In other news, I took the advice of a friend and tried taking Melatonin last night to help me sleep. It worked great! I fell asleep right away, and only slightly woke up when Brett came to bed later. I fell right back asleep and slept sooo soundly until 6 a.m. I was wide awake then, but fell back asleep till 9 or so.

I feel so refreshed today. I truly feel like a different person than I did yesterday; it's wonderful. I'll take it again tonight and see how it goes again. It felt so good -- and so different! -- to sleep, and to sleep soundly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

it's official: I was meant to be fat and lazy.

I went to yoga tonight for the first time in a couple months. I know; I know. I keep saying I am going to go regularly, but I don't.

And tonight? Was awful. I do the kind of yoga where you are in a room heated to about 105 degrees. It's an hour and a half class, and I usually don't have much trouble with doing at least most of the postures.

Well, tonight, during only the THIRD pose (so aptly named "awkward pose") I started to feel lightheaded and woosy. I did what I usually do when that happens; I stood there and breathed and took a sip of water. It got worse. I started to black out -- I couldn't see much, and my ears were ringing.

I grabbed my water bottle and ran out of the classroom, and sat on a bench in the cool lobby area. It was then I felt the need to run to the bathroom...and while I was in there, I totally threw up. BLAH. I hate, hate, hate vomiting. It is the most nasty feeling ever.

(I told this to my mom on my way home. I bet you can guess the first words out of her mouth, and no, mom, I'm not pregnant.)

I think it was because I hadn't eaten much all day, and went in without many nutrients in my body. I was able to go back in the room and stay for the remaining hour or so of the class. I even did maybe half of the postures, so I'm pretty proud I didn't wimp out and go home like I initially wanted to after the whole incident in the bathroom.

I'd like to think that I am really good at yoga, or that I'm athletic, or that I'm the type of person who uses phrases like, "On my way home from the gym..." or "While I was running last week..." or things like that. Or, when the yoga instructor says, "Your forehead should be touching your knees right now, and you should be locking your knees out and feeling that stretch all the way down your back," I could, oh, I don't know, actually GET my head ONTO my knees, let alone lock them out and feel the damn stretch. I am always the one who looks all funky and twisty in the mirror next to perfect yoga girl who comes and does double sessions (back-to-back! Can you imagine?) and does every pose as though she's some weird cousin of Gumby, which is to say perfectly and beautifully.

And then there's me: the flabby girl in the back row, whose face is beet red and arms and legs and elbows won't even begin to become a straight line, contrary to what the perky yoga instructor seems to believe.

So as I was lying there on my yoga mat after the puking, I thought that maybe trying to be one of those people is too much for me. Trying to be the beautiful, flexible yoga girl, trying to be the type of person who exercises and actually (gasp!!) enjoys it...that's so not me.

I suppose that I'm just going to have to come to terms with feeling fat and flabby and gross, and accept the fact that maybe I'm not cut out for being athletic.

I don't know whether I'll go back to yoga. I feel really weird about the puking thing and do NOT want it to happen again. But I guess I should just do it and not think about it, and just pray that I don't lose my lunch while trying to do Awkward Pose.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

my patience has left for the day.

I am hitting a point right now where I can tell I'm about to cross over into really, really grumpy land. I am exhausted from sleeping badly, I am frustrated with work today, and I just want to go home and hang out with my husband. That's all I want. But no. I am here and will probably remain here for another few hours, despite the fact that I had initially thought this would be one Tuesday I would get done early, meaning by 6 p.m. Alas, that is not to be for reasons I won't get into.

Sometimes, I'm so self-critical. I don't know why. Well, ok, I do. It's because I feel a near-constant need to be accepted. Basically, I care waaay too much about what people think of me and my work. I am just feeling a real lack of confidence right now about my stories for the week, despite having like 5 people tell me last night at an event in Westbrook how much they love my writing and the paper. It makes no sense.

I think I'm just grumpy and tired, and I'm letting my self-doubt and frustration get the best of me because of that, even though I really shouldn't.


The one bright spot in my day? It looks like my friend Carolyn is going to be able to come visit from DC next month. We're still ironing out dates, but right now it appears it will probably be the weekend of Feb. 10. YAHOO. I am so excited. *grin*

Ok, I need to get back to it so I can get done and get home before 8:00.

gah. here we go again.

The not sleeping thing has started again. AUGH. I am so exhausted this morning...but I guess I have good reason. I probably didn't go to sleep till 2 a.m. I was in bed reading at about 11:30, light off sometime shortly after midnight.

It's torture. At least Brett was awake with me this time so we could talk, but seriously. I canNOT keep doing this. I don't know what has to change but something does. I have to get more sleep than this...making it through this day is going to be really hard now. It was going to be hard enough before, and now it's going to be even worse because I'll be exhausted on top of it. Meh.

At least there's one small blessing: no Gorham council meeting tonight, and a NEW GILMORE GIRLS! That? Is something to look forward to.

Ok. Whiny rant over. I need to get to work.

Monday, January 09, 2006

i've been lazy lately

Sorry. I haven't posted here in a couple of days. I did very little over the weekend, other than read, go out to eat (twice! we were really living it up, I guess) and, um, that's it. It was great.

I had grandiose plans for making a big post here in response to something I read this week and it just...didn't happen. (It's cold in our computer room, and I was so warm in bed in front of the fire, reading. I didn't want to get out. So I didn't. Heh. I like being lazy.

That post will come, though. I'm still working on it. It will probably be Wednesday or Thursday, but sometime this week. I promise.

Otherwise, I went to the Westbrook inauguration tonight. Verrrry interesting. No, really, it was. I had never been to an inauguration before. The reception afterward was the best part; they were serving refreshments, including chocolate covered strawberries. MMMM!!! I was a little piggy and had two. Hee hee. Would that all council meetings included choclate covered strawberries. Alas, they do not. But a girl can dream, right? Anyway, the reception was also good because I got to talk to a whole lot of people whom I hadn't seen in a while. I got some story ideas and was able to catch up with some people I had interviewed in the past.

Not to be a total AW (attention whore) but I was really pleased by what people said about the paper and my writing. Overall it was very complimentary and that made me feel really good.

Ok, it's late and it's time for bed. If any of you think of it, send up a prayer for my mom. She went to the doctor today after feeling sick yesterday and it turns out she has pneumonia, bronchitis, and an ear infection. POOR MOM! I wish I could go to Oregon and take care of her. She's home in bed now, thankfully, and she's taking tomorrow off. But if you think of her, pray she gets better soon. She only gets three sick days per year, which is extremely stingy, if you ask me, so she's going to try to go back on Wednesday.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

big fat flakes...

...of snow are falling. I love when the flakes are giant and floaty. They are probably the size of a quarter, on average, and are just really pleasant to watch out my office window.

We're not supposed to get too much so I'm glad of that -- maybe 3 inches.

Other than that, there's not much to say except that I'm looking forward to a new episode of CSI tonight. Yahoo! I hate the holiday break for TV shows. It's really irritating because I always forget about it and expect new episodes, and then am disappointed when I turn on the TV only to be confronted with an episode from earlier that season.

We don't watch TV much at our house. At most we'll watch the syndicated episodes of South Park on the WB once or twice a week, and then we watch CSI (the original Las Vegas version. My mom swears CSI Miami is good, too, but I just can't bring myself to watch it.) and Without a Trace (on right after CSI, about an FBI missing persons unit in NYC). The only other thing I watch is something of a guilty pleasure -- the Gilmore Girls, every Tuesday night. We've talked about getting rid of our TV, which is something I'd be up for doing at some point. I expect that iTunes will continue to offer more and more shows so I could just download the show and watch it on the computer. Once that happens, I will totally forego the TV. It would be a great way to not get sucked in and watch hours of crappy shows at a time. I don't expect that's too long in coming -- they add new shows all the time.

But until then, I'll enjoy our Thursday night ritual of eating ice cream (in moderate amounts for me!) and watching CSI. Yahoo!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I try to be a nice person. Really. I do. I want to be a kind, caring person. I want to be the kind of person people say, "Wow, she's just nice. Why is she like that? How is she so different?"

But it's sooo hard. There has been someone who has come into my life recently (I'm going to be vague although some of you may have heard me talk about this person and will know to whom I refer) and really? New person -- as I will call him or her -- annoys me to no end.

I feel bad, because I can see some of new person's intentions, and I think those intentions are good underneath it all. But the reality is that new person DRIVES ME BATTY and I am SO FED UP with this person. It's just too much. All of it...too much.

I know it's ok not to like someone. But I don't want to be a total ass to new person, either...even though that is how new person makes me want to act. The difficult part for me isn't necessarily being nice to new person's face -- it's how I talk about new person when new person is not in the room. That is when I tend to break down and go uber-ultra-snarky. I think it's ok to commiserate with other people who are dealing with new person -- I think I just need to watch myself in terms of how far I take that.

Maybe the whole thing is just a lesson in patience and in being nice and kind (even in my head) when it's really freaking hard.

I'm jumping on the redesign bandwagon

A new year, a new blog template.

Hope you like the changes. I made them last night when I couldn't sleep for no other reason than I decided it was time for something new and that there were more interesting templates out there than the ones Blogger itself had to offer.

And speaking of not being able to sleep -- last night was the second night in a row I couldn't go to sleep. Granted, last night I went to bed late because I was writing a story, but I seriously don't think I went to sleep until well after 2:30. It is torture to just be there, in bed, wide awake, wanting to go to sleep so much and not being able to, as Brett sleeps, curled up on one side of me, and Audrey the cat sleeps curled up on the other. Of course, I don't know what's worse -- that, or getting up the next morning after only having a couple hours' sleep.

Blah. It's going to be a long morning, so I should get going and get it over with.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Vacation, lovely vacation, is over

I go back to work tomorrow, after 10 lovely, blissful days off.

You see, the entire company gets the week after Christmas off, since we don't put out any newspapers that week. So for the past 10 days, I've had a small taste of heaven. Sleeping in, spending time with friends, having lunch out with people, not worrying about going to council meetings or writing stories, going to brunch with my husband and then going to the art museum, cooking, keeping my house (relatively) clean, staying in my pajamas all day long, watching the Gilmore Girls on DVD, doing the crossword in bed in the morning, reading the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy in three days, taking baths, taking naps, staying up till 1 a.m. and not caring...aaaah. It's been lovely. I think every company should do this for their employees -- give them a week off, paid, in addition to vacation. It's like having "Christmas break" from school again.

But all good things must come to an end, I guess.

Not that I mind my job. Really, I enjoy it a lot. More than a lot. I just...really like being lazy, it seems.

So, here's to my last few hours of non-work-ness...hurrah for vacation! It feels like I'm in college again, only better, because when I was in college I had to work all break to make money to pay for things during the next semester. So I guess in none of my adult life have I actually had a vacation in which I have been able to stay home and do NOTHING for 10 days. Our so-called "vacations" during the summer (ie, trips to Oregon) are not vacation-y at all, as we are busy rushing from place to place trying to see everyone and sleeping in twin beds in Brett's parents' basement. It's just not very relaxing. But this? This was bliss. I'll treasure the memory of my vacation for many weeks to come, I am sure.

It was the best Christmas present they could have given me, I think.