Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Gilmore Girls have cracked up.

Brett and I have been ardent Netflix supporters for several months now. We signed up for Netflix last July, as part of our "joining of the 21st century" event. (We got cell phones, Netflix, and an EzPass all in the same week. Very exciting.)

Up until now, we've never had a problem with Netflix -- the discs have always been great (as opposed to the ones we would get from Blockbuster or Hollywood that were often so scratched we couldn't play them, like the time we rented Being John Malkovich and only got as far as the guy going into the mysterious tunnel once. We were left hanging, never to find out what happens when you're Being John Malkovich), it's convenient, it's inexpensive, and it's fun to get movies in the mail every few days.

Today, however, I am not so pleased. I was sitting in the computer room about 40 minutes ago when I saw the mailman drive up and put 2 Netflix envelopes in our mailbox. I knew I'd ordered another disc of the Gilmore Girls (season 2, disc 1) that would come today, so that while Brett was at work, I could watch it.

I ran outside (in my pajamas, no less) to get the DVD. I got inside, ran over to the DVD player and turned it on, opened the red Netflix sleeve, and gasped. The disc? Was CRACKED. IN. HALF.

Yes, that's right. The lower-case "g" on "girls" was sliced in half because of the Grand Canyon sized crack in the disc.

AUGH!!! I'm so annoyed! Well, I guess I'm more just disappointed than annoyed. I am not necessarily annoyed with Netflix, I guess. I mean, our experience with them is overall a good one, and besides, it's probably the post office's fault. (Isn't everything the post office's fault? Late mail, undelivered packages, the higher postal rates that I didn't hear about until the day before they went into effect, thereby rendering my 37-cent "stop domestic violence" stamps useless, becuase I don't have time to go and stand in line until next August to get the stupid 2-cent stamps that they'd probably be out of anyway.)

I AM JUST ANNOYED, because ALL I WANTED TO DO TODAY was to watch the Gilmore Girls and snuggle with Audrey-cat while working on the scarf I'm knitting. But, I guess that's not to be.

Audrey gives me a hurt and confused look as she says, "Why aren't you snuggling with me? Why aren't you watching the Gilmore Girls while I play with the ends of yarn on your scarf? WHY?"

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