Monday, January 30, 2006

having trouble concentrating...

At work...trying to finish up two stories before I have to go to a meeting in Westbrook...having a tough time buckling down and doing it.

(See? I'm not even typing in complete sentences. That should prove my lack of focus, since I'm usually one who prides herself on writing in complete sentences.)

Also, just a comment: I hate cameras. I hate having to check one out and I hate even more that I forgot to do this when the person who checks the cameras out to myself and other reporters was here. (Did that sentence make any sense? I hope so.) I am now hoping for a miracle that will either a.) magically unlock the door of the office in which the cameras are held hostage, or 2.) bring my boss back to the office before I have to leave for my meeting so he can unlock the door for me.

I just want this week to go by really quickly so it will be Friday and I can hang out with my friend Carolyn who is coming to visit from DC!

That is I have to go back to writing and trying to get some work done.

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