Friday, January 20, 2006

I am terribly, terribly blog-neglective this week.

I am so sorry...this has just been a crazy week for work, and has left me not wanting to write *anything* else. (For example, I was up until well after midnight on Monday night, writing, because...well...I had to in order to get everything done.)

Plus, I don't have a ton to say...the really, really warm weather is back, though. It was almost 60 degrees today!!! SO WEIRD. But it felt sooo good. It was like spring. No, wait, it was *better* than spring. I don't think it got that warm until June last year.

I bought some new yarn today, which was fun. I love buying new yarn. This was on sale so I got 4 skeins for like $13. Fantastic!! I am making a blue and white scarf, and using one strand of blue and one of white together so it's all tweed-y. I might start over, though, becuase I started on size 7 needles and it's a little bit too tight. So a larger needle would probably be good. I'll have to find my 10's.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Just trimmed, but it feels really good. My hair is so bushy and full of body that it gets all nasty and fro-like really fast. (I am not one who can pull off a fro.) So it was nice to get a trim. I also splurged and bought some salon shampoo. Woo!

Well, Brett's showering and then we're going to go run some errands, so I should wrap up.

I have two posts that are halfway done, so I'll try to finish at least one of them tomorrow, and try to be more regular with my posting in the upcoming weeks.

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