Tuesday, January 10, 2006

my patience has left for the day.

I am hitting a point right now where I can tell I'm about to cross over into really, really grumpy land. I am exhausted from sleeping badly, I am frustrated with work today, and I just want to go home and hang out with my husband. That's all I want. But no. I am here and will probably remain here for another few hours, despite the fact that I had initially thought this would be one Tuesday I would get done early, meaning by 6 p.m. Alas, that is not to be for reasons I won't get into.

Sometimes, I'm so self-critical. I don't know why. Well, ok, I do. It's because I feel a near-constant need to be accepted. Basically, I care waaay too much about what people think of me and my work. I am just feeling a real lack of confidence right now about my stories for the week, despite having like 5 people tell me last night at an event in Westbrook how much they love my writing and the paper. It makes no sense.

I think I'm just grumpy and tired, and I'm letting my self-doubt and frustration get the best of me because of that, even though I really shouldn't.


The one bright spot in my day? It looks like my friend Carolyn is going to be able to come visit from DC next month. We're still ironing out dates, but right now it appears it will probably be the weekend of Feb. 10. YAHOO. I am so excited. *grin*

Ok, I need to get back to it so I can get done and get home before 8:00.

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Carolyn said...

Hee. Glad to have been the bright spot in your day!