Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a lazy copycat, that's me.

I'm going to steal a style of posting from Amalah, and give you the timeline recap of my evening.

As you will notice, I posted this afternoon at 4:33 that I hoped to be productive and get things done. My plan was, incidentally, to come home and clean my house in anticipation of Carolyn's visit this weekend. I'd do at least half of the cleaning tonight so I wouldn't have to do it all tomorrow. Well, Carolyn, I hope you'll forgive me if there are a few stray cat-hair-shed-balls under the futon, or a few dishes in the sink, or some unidentified goop (probably ice cream) that Brett dripped on the front of our impossible to keep clean white cabinets...or that our upstairs is such a wreck I don't even want to go up there, which is why it's a wreck, because I don't have to go up there, so I don't care about keeping it neat and tidy.

Anyway. That last sentence made no sense at all. So, then, on to the post...

My day, Amalah-style

2:30 Decide I should leave work soon because I've already worked 30 hours this week.

3:00 Reaffirm my decision to leave work.

3:20 Say to my co-worker, "I think I'll get out of here."

3:50 Actually leave work.

4;20 Arrive home, greet cat. Turn on space heater and oven to try to warm the house up from its frigid 54-degree state without having to use up any of our preeeecious heating oil.

4:30 Check email and message boards. Reply to email from Carolyn.

4:33 Update blog, proceed to putz around on the internet.

4:33-5:15 Let us call these the lost minutes, because I really don't remember anything about them. I must have spent them online, but what I did will remain a mystery, just like JFK's death or, um, some other mystery. (It's late, my mind is toast. I can't think of another good mystery off the top of my head.)

5:15 Look up, realize the house is now dark and I am freezing.

5:20 Shove clean laundry on bed/futon aside and commence reading under the covers with a hot water bottle on my feet and the cat curled up against me under the blanket.

5:31 Become bored with book and skip ahead about 100 pages to see what happens.

6:15 Realize I haven't eaten anything but a donut and some soymilk (breakfast) and a salad and some french fries (lunch) all day. Contemplate making dinner.

6:17 Rifle through cupboards and fridge looking for something I want.

6:18 Notice pile of paper on kitchen counter. Commence sorting of said paper.

6:23 Find forms that need filling out and returning in pile. Fill out forms and seal in envelope.

6:30 Light candles on counter near where pile of paper once was. (Pile of paper is now spread into three piles of paper, perhaps in an effort to sort it.)

6:34 Take junk mail/papers and put into bag for use in fireplace.

6:37 Check email again. Find cute e-card from Bree in my inbox. Read message board updates. Go to Amalah and see she has updated again this week.

6:38 Read Amalah's update. Realize I never finished reading her archives.

6:39-7:50 Read more of Amalah's archives, bringing me up to July 22, 2004. I still have a ways to go but it's some progress.

7:50 Realize I should get off my butt and get something done. And maybe eat.

7:52 Rifle through cabinets, fridge and freezer again. Notice bottle of gin in freezer and contemplate drinking some. Opt for a Coke instead. (We have no tonic, and gin and Coke just doesn't have the right ring to it.)

7:55 Take my coke back to the futon/bed with the now lukewarm hot water bottle (that is an oxymoron. I suppose I should say, "lukewarm water bottle," but really, it's a hot water bottle so calling it a lukewarm water bottle would be weird. not like calling it a lukewarm hot water bottle isn't, but anyway. I digress.) and commence reading again, starting back before I skipped 100 pages.

8:20 Catch up to where I was before I skipped ahead.

9:11 Look at clock and chide self for not cleaning like I planned. Return to reading.

9:54 Call Brett. He asks if I can bring him his Hasselblad. I say ok. (At least it will get me off the couch.)

10:03 Leave to take the camera. Realize there is almost no gas in the car.

10:12 On highway. Gas light comes on. Pray that I will make it to Brett's work.

10:14 Pull up to the parking booth where Brett's working tonight. Hand camera over. Recieve very perfunctory kiss.

10:15 Grumble that there were not more kisses to be had.

10:16 Arrive at gas station. Realize that I am wearing a god-awful combination: black peacoat over red wool sweater and black t-shirt, paired with extremely colorful blue and white striped pajama pants.

10:17 Pump gas, avoiding looks from other gas-pumpers.

10:19 Approach turnpike entrance ramp. The light is red, so I slow down. The car in front of me? Runs the light, without even stopping. Way. To. Go. That's some good driving, that is.

10:20 Bad-light-running-drivers somehow manage to pull out of the toll plaza ahead of me and go 30 miles per hour as we exit the highway on-ramp onto the highway.

10:21 Speed past bad-slow-driving-light-running-drivers as soon as the barrier between the highway and on-ramp stops.

10:28 Recieve call from sister, who had her first day at a new job today.

10:31 Arrive home. Continue to chat with sister.

10:34 Sister's cell phone disconnects us.

10:37 Check email. Again. For the seventy-gajillionth time tonight.

10:42 Begin writing this post.

11:10 Finish writing this post, and decide to get in bed and read.

So much for cleaning...well, Carolyn, at least you'll get to see how we really live, and not the pretty-clean-perfect-house life I would have liked to portray. ;-p

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C said...

Hee. Well, I know my house wasn't at its cleanest when you visited here, so at least we'll be even!