Monday, February 13, 2006

oh, just shut up, Leen.

I've done more than my fair share of griping here lately. I know this. But unfortunately, I must gripe again. I just can't help myself, I guess.

Why, oh why, can nothing go right for me work-wise these days? Stories falling through, last minute scrambling to find something else, anything else to write about, people just not calling me back, freak snowstorms that push back interviews to a point where I'm standing on a precipice praying I can get it all done in's just no good. And it's extremely, extremely stressful. To the point where I am afraid I'm going to implode or something. Or else just turn into an alcoholic. (Last week? I had beer with lunch on Wednesday, nearly a whole bottle of wine with dinner Wednesday [yikes!!!], beer with lunch on Friday, and beer with dinner on Friday. I don't wanna be a lush!!!)

Sometimes I wish I had a job that I didn't have to take home with me, a job that was strictly 9-5 that I could just be done with at the end of every day. But I had that before this job, and I wasn't really happy with it either. So I don't really know *what* I want. I think I just need to focus on being happy where I am and being happy with what I have, and try to calm down a little and realize, like my co-worker Lucas said, "The paper is going to come out no matter what." And that is true. I guess every week can't be a fantastic, great week, and some weeks are going to be crappier than others. The past two are two of those crappy ones, I think.


C said...

Oh hon, I'm sorry this week is starting off so badly. Or continuing so badly. I'm hoping that things pull together tomorrow, and that next week goes much more smoothly.

Frank said...

Oh Cufflink, sorry things are so stressful! You should check out my page
I miss you!