Friday, March 10, 2006

randomness, gerund-style

Here is a collection of random thoughts that are going through my head right now, brought together into some kind of cohesive post thanks to the mighty gerund.

Wondering: Where are the 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies I ordered several weeks ago? Everyone else I know is getting their cookies. Where are mine? I WANT THIN MINTS, DAMMIT!

Covering: I'm getting ready to go cover the Gorham High School musical in about 30 minutes. They're performing Footloose. HA. Should be fun.

Rejoicing: It broke the 50-degree mark today! YAHOO! I love warm-ish weather.

Anticipating: I'm finally getting a haircut this weekend. With short hair like mine, I can't go much more than a month or 5 weeks between haircuts or I start getting majorly poofy hair. It's 6 weeks, I think, since my last one, and I've hit the wall. I cannot stand it anymore! So I go in on Sunday, thank goodness.

Congratulating: Another good friend whom I've known for a long time is pregnant...I just found out this week. I'm so happy for she and her husband. Congratulations! You know who you are. ;p

Venting: OH yeah. I've been meaning to post about this. I was in the grocery store the other night, standing in line. As I stood there, I looked at the magazines and saw this:
Notice the headline on the top: "Paris Hilton Looks Pregnant!" I just have to say -- if Paris Hilton, who is like, a complete RAIL, looks pregnant, then what in the name of all that's holy does that make me, a non-pregnant probably quite average-sized person? I guess, by celebrity standards, that I would look like I'm 9 months pregnant with a baby cow or something.

Anyway. It annoys me that every time a female celebrity has a perfectly normal-looking tummy pooch that it's automatically assumed she's pregnant. If every person in this world who had a tummy pooch were pregnant, we'd have a lot more babies floating around.
I think that in that picture, Paris Hilton still looks quite svelte, despite the wee bitty tummy pooch she's got going on. I should be so lucky to look that way.

Enjoying: I have been listening to two Death Cab for Cutie songs a lot lately, Photobooth and This is the New Year. I like both of them a lot for some reason, although I am not altogether sure why.

Selling: We've sold a ton of stuff on eBay this week, which rocks. We've made about $150 or $160 by selling things we don't use/need anymore, like old DVDs. It's awesome, like pulling money out of thin air or something. It's a great feeling.

OK, that's all the time I have for now. I'm off to Gorham to see Footloose...

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