Monday, April 10, 2006

The Kathleen Walker Show: All Drama, All the Time

I feel like 99% of what I post here is drama. I know that it's not quite that high, but still. And I know a lot of it is drama that I create for myself. (I'm trying to work on that whole "creating drama for myself" thing, with mixed results.)

But I digress. In the past two days, I have gotten two bits of news that have both been really, really hard for me to take. Both of these things involve people very close to me, and both of them are MAJOR drama. Sad drama. Hurtful drama.

I'm not really ready to write about either of them in detail in such a public place as a blog. One of them (let's call it Drama Situation A) I almost certainly will write about here in coming weeks, but due to current circumstances surrounding it, I can't really talk about here. (Although, if you're dying to know, email me, and I may be able to share that way.)

The other situation, (We'll call it Drama Situation B) I will likely never talk about here, but has just as far-reaching possibly even ultimately a more devastating impact as the first one. It's just of a more private nature and not something I can really share with all of Internet-land, at least right now. Maybe I'll share portions of it in the future, but that's really going to depend upon what the people involved in the situation do next.

For some reason, Item B is a little easier for me to digest. I don't know why; it's equally as hard as the other. It shouldn't be any easier, but I guess such is the mystery of human emotion. Who knows why some things affect you more than others?

Item A, however, is something I'm having a very. hard. time. with. I just found out this morning in fact, in a very roundabout way, and am completely shocked and hurt about the situation in general, as well as how I found out.

I have about 900 emotions flowing through me. Jealousy, frustration, embarassment, anger, sadness. Hurt that I wasn't told directly. It's really running the gamut right now and I'm (unfortunately) at work and really need to try to get some things done. (Crying at my desk is not one of them.)

So, I guess I should try to work, even though I'd really rather go home and eat ice cream and maybe drink some gin. (With tonic, of course.) Too bad they don't have gin-flavored ice cream...hmmm...

Anyway. Not to sound totally self-righteous, but at least I'm making better choices with my life than these people are. That's comforting, I suppose. And, at least maybe all of this will be fodder for a great novel someday. That's comforting, too.


C said...

I'll just ditto what I said to you earlier.

And I bet you could make a million dollars by selling gin-flavored ice cream :-P

Joel + Sarah said...

Yeah, I know that our life makes you lie awake at night but really you don't have to worry about us :-)

hearts, Sarah