Friday, April 07, 2006

*pulling away from wall, rubbing head*

Feeling much, much better, and much less stressed, than I was earlier. The stress is still present, but not as bad as it was this afternoon. I mean, I didn't get jack done for work today, but oh well. Hopefully it will all come together on Monday, like it usually does. Whatever. Only 26 more days and I'm sooo outta there.

We went to meet with our tax preparer after work tonight. She'd called earlier this week to tell us our taxes were ready, and told us we'd be getting a refund of very much considerably less than I was expecting. I was shocked, and actually really upset. We've always gotten a much, much larger refund than what she told us and I didn't see why this year would be any different.

Well, as we went over everything with her today, I noticed that she was doing a different thing with Brett's education expenses than other tax preparers had done in the past. Basically, she was taking them as a deduction and not as a credit.

I asked her to try doing it as a credit, just so I could see the difference...and she did. And I was right -- now we're getting back about 7 times what she said we should be!!!! It's even a little more than I was expecting!!

I was RIGHT. Ok. Not to gloat. But still. It feels pretty good to have been right, and to have gotten what we did back. It isn't a ton but it will be a nice little chunk that we can use for an apartment deposit in Seattle.

Anyway, after that, Brett and I went to our favorite Indian place -- Jewel of India in Biddeford -- since the tax lady lives down that way. That was a nice treat, except my nose is still all stuffy so I couldn't really taste much. I brought home what I didn't eat in hopes that my nose will be clearer tomorrow and I can eat it for lunch.

Now we're home, and Brett's already in bed since we think he may be coming down with what I am still getting over. (I really, really hope not, though! He does NOT have time to be sick. He is on an extremely tight schedule to get everything done on time for please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, that he'd stay well and be able to get everything done on time.)

I think I'll join him's been a long week.

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