Friday, April 21, 2006

Someone out there hates the Gilmore Girls

We've been Netflix members for almost a year now. Unlike our rentals from Hollywood Video or Blockbuster, which always seemed to be damaged to the point of being unplayable, we had never had a problem with a DVD from Netflix. That is, until one of the Gilmore Girls DVDs I requested back in January or so arrived cracked in half.

I sent it back; they sent me a replacement.

A couple weeks ago, it happened AGAIN! A Gilmore Girls DVD, from Netflix was cracked.

I got another Gilmore Girls DVD yesterday, and guess what? CRACKED AGAIN.

I swear, someone at Netflix has issues with Gilmore Girls or something.

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C said...

BOO Netflix! I used to have the same problems with my Alias discs. Out of the two seasons I rented, maybe 4-5 discs came cracked completely down the middle.