Monday, May 01, 2006

I'm busy, busy dreadfully busy. You've no idea what I have to do. Busy, busy, shockingly busy...

Yeah. So, I'm busy. And stressed out. And I feel like now that the new reporter started on Wednesday, the "I'm really leaving" ball has started to roll...and everything is starting to snowball really, really quickly.

I feel like I'm staring at a hurdles course (not that I would know what that's like, since, you know, I hate to run and all) about a gajillion yards long. I can just see the end (living in Seattle in a new apartment, paying off debt, not worrying as much), but barely.

The hurdles are piling up and I just keep telling myself to take them one at a time.

Hurdle one: Getting through the next few days of work -- through Wednesday (May 3) -- without killing someone.

Hurdle two: Fly to Seattle Thursday (May 4), find an apartment, interview for temp jobs, meet with the group that's going to France

Hurdle three: Fly back from Seattle, arrive in Boston (6 a.m. on May 10), and greet my in-laws a few hours later, since they arrive for Brett's graduation that afternoon

Hurdle four: Hang with the in-laws (May 10-15), do the birthday thing (May 13), do the graduation thing (May 14)

Hurdle five: Pack the house!!! In 10 days! (May 15-24) AAAAH.

Hurdle six: DRIVE HOME! (May 25-June 1)

Interspersed in there are all the financial hurdles, including the fact that we need to fill our oil tank, the fact that we need our tax return for an apartment deposit, the fact that gas is at THREE freaking dollars a gallon, and the gas to get us back home is probably going to cost twice as much as the truck rental.

So. Lots going on. I may not be around much the next few weeks.

It hit me the other night that we are really leaving Maine, and soon. And I felt sad about that, oddly enough. I mean, this is the thing I've wanted, the thing I've looked forward to for two years, and now it's finally happening, and I feel sad?! I started to pick apart my emotions, and realized that I'm already starting to detach to a point where I can look back on our time here with nostalgia more than anything else.

And, too, I will miss my friends, a few in particular, and I'll miss certain aspects of my job. I know that I'm going to be so happy to be back home in Seattle that I'll get over this weird sadness. Until then, I guess I'll keep expecting it to surprise me by popping up every now and then.

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