Saturday, October 07, 2006

disjointed random thoughts

It's been way too long since I have posted.

I guess the blogging thing, for me, goes through cycles of prolificness (prolicifity? I have no idea.) and through cycles of nothingness.

It would be nice, I guess, if I could get back into a cycle of posting regularly.

Life is just full, and in a good way. Work is busy, almost all the time. Something strange/random/exciting happens there almost every day. A huge flood of water suddenly pouring out of a urinal and down the freight elevator shaft one day, people having sex in a stairwell the next, and another day having a tenant call the fire department because of a "suspicious white powder" on the floor...that turned out to be baby powder.

Working in the office to manage a 50-story office building is crazy, and rarely dull.


Anyway, other than work, we're busy two nights a week, usually -- Mondays are Moped Monday, and Tuesdays are our church community group. Weekends have been fairly lazy lately, watching lots of Six Feet Under on DVD, sleeping in, and eating pudding. (Mmmm...pudding.)


I can remember a couple of times we were back in Maine, and we would say to one another, "Won't it be so cool when we're back in Seattle, and we can just hop on our mopeds and ride to Gordito's [our favorite Mexican restaurant]?"

We did just that on Friday night. As we were standing in line ordering, I said to Brett, "Man, we're really living the dream here, aren't we?"

He laughed and said, "Yeah, we really are."

Sometimes, I still can't get over the fact that we are back for good.


We went down to Portland last weekend for my nephew Zachary's sixth birthday. I cannot believe he is six already! It seems like just yesterday he was born, a small, red little thing whose umbilical cord I got to cut. He is a kid now, a real boy, challenging and roughousing and going non-stop from sunup to sundown. It's so much fun to hang out with him and my three-year-old niece Adeline. They are both hilarious and fun and smart. They make me laugh and tear up sometimes and make me want kids of my own to be with.


I made twice-baked potatoes for dinner tonight. Ohhh man, what a decadent treat. Filled with butter and milk and chives and roasted garlic and Tillamook cheddar cheese, these things are so. flipping. good. And yet, I don't even want to think about how much fat and how many calories were in the two I ate.


I really want to / need to lose some weight. It's not that I look fat or anything, but I just feel icky. It's so hard, though. (See above for a case in point.) I just like to eat and I hate to exercise. That combination, plus the fact that it seems as though turning 25 made my metabolism slow to a crawl, makes it really hard to lose any weight.


Anyway. This is, like, the most disjointed post ever. I don't really have a ton more to is good, and busy, and full of friends and mopeds and work that I enjoy and church and God and good food. It's nice.

I should go to bed now. It's late, and I'm sleepy. I hope you'll forgive the disjointed-ness of the post. I really felt like I should update, even if it had no clear point or direction and was probably duller than dirt.


Kris said...

You're forgiven... it's just nice to know what you are up to these days!

Isabel said...

"Living the dream"...I LOVE IT. We haven't been to Gordito's for a long time. Burritos...yummy!

(next time you see me on the street-STOP AND SAY HELLO!)