Tuesday, October 10, 2006

turn that frown upside down!

This morning, I was feeling really grumpy. (Gah. Hormones! Haaate them.) Anyway. Everything was pissing me off and I was just in a generally negative mood.

Until a few minutes ago, that is.

My dear friend Carolyn just emailed to tell me that she had gotten a call offering her what is essentially her dream job, being an English teacher! She had interviewed almost two weeks ago, and hadn't heard. They had said they would be letting everyone know right away, and of course, when she hadn't heard, we assumed the worst. It was really disappointing, because Carolyn would be a fantastic teacher.

So when the call came this morning and she emailed to let me know, I wished I were there to jump up and down and squeal and wave my hands around with her in a really undiginfied, girly way. ;p

I am so excited for her and so happy for her, you'd think that I had just gotten my dream job!

I can't believe how much her news has lifted my spirits. I can't stop smiling now! I guess it's a good reminder of how friends are supposed to be -- sticking together in the bad, and rejoicing together in the good.

Anyway -- all this to say a jillion, billion, zillion congratulations to Carolyn!


C said...

Awwww, thanks!!! I'm still in shock about it myself, though as you can see by the timestamp on this post, the shock isn't keeping me from being completely obsessive about getting prepared for tomorrow.

Isabel said...

Congrats to Carolyn!

Jenny said...

Awww. That's so sweet.

You so seldom get good news-happy-undignified posts here in the blogosphere. Nice to see one!

Congrats Carolyn!