Wednesday, November 29, 2006

the irony is not lost on me.

How many times did I complain about the snow while we lived in Maine? Um, the answer to that would be ... a lot. Like here. And here. And here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here...

One of the biggest reasons we moved home to Seattle was because I hated, hated, hated the winters in Maine. Hated. The snow, the cold, the wet, never being warm...all of it.

Well, apparently God is playing a joke on me this week with the weather we've had. We had a decent amount of snow on Sunday night and Monday, enough to make Monday's commute home and Tuesday's commute to work nothing short of hellacious. All that snow melted and then froze over again, making today treacherous in terms of walking to/from the bus but otherwise not really that bad.

Of all the time I lived in the Pacific Northwest before, even in my years growing up in Portland, Oregon, I can't remember a time when it's snowed as much or been as cold as it has been here during the past several days.

(Aside: Ok, this is not that bad in terms of some of the snowstorms I've experienced, really. The ones in Maine were much worse. However, the key difference here is the lack of preparation on the part of the city, and the fact that no one seems to have heard of ice-melt, let alone think to use it.)

The weather people kept saying how we were supposed to get more today, and all day the sky had that gray, heavy look that seems to indicate snow is imminent. But it never snowed, even though it never broke 32 degrees. I kind of figured it was all a bunch of hype and that it wouldn't really snow.

Um. Yeah. I? Was very, very wrong.

I just took these photos outside our front door about 15 minutes ago. It is snowing so thick and fast...the snow is just piling up. The flakes are HUGE, really, the biggest I've ever seen. (I caught several on my tongue! FUN!)

Anyway, it's all supposed to freeze over tonight, which will make for an interesting commute in the morning. But in the meantime, Brett is calling me from bed, so I should go join him there since it's late and I'll probably wind up getting up early to try to catch an earlier bus.

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Isabel said...

I'm with you...I HATE the snow. HATE IT.