Thursday, December 14, 2006

OMG, weather insanity


I can't even describe it.

Gale-force winds with gusts nearly into the hurricaine-force range, water hitting the window behind me so hard that I could barley hear, water flowing into my work building like it's a sieve, the building rocking back and forth so much people feel seasick. (Don't worry; high-rises are supposed to rock so that they can absorb the stresses and pressures of wind and such. It's just really disconcerting when you are upstairs and you feel the building swaying.)

Crazy. CRAZY. This is seriously bizare. Thank goodness a friend is coming to pick me up so I don't have to go stand outside to wait for the bus in all of this.

Why can't we just have normal weather? Some gentle rain falling from gray skies...a few clouds...maybe a gust or two of wind about 15 mph...what happened to the Seattle weather I once knew?


Isabel said...

So are you guys okay? Do you have electricity at your house? We never lost it. But I was walking home with my baby on Thursday night. It was INTENSE. I've never been in anything like that before. The baby slept through the entire walk home...even though he was soaked to the bone.

rebecca said...

My dear Kathleen -
You should be glad you're not in Colorado then. :) We got hit with 2-3 feet of snow last Wed/Thurs. Pretty much everything was shut down, even the airport! (Sara & Casey didn't make it, by the way :( ) We are currently being bombarded with another system (apparently it didn't want to stay in the Pacific NW) and we will probably wake up to another 1-2 feet, if we're "lucky." They're ALSO saying that we will have more snow over the New Year weekend. I just keep shaking my head thinking at the craziness. Too bad I work from home, I could have a snow day!!

Anyway...I hope all is going well with you, in spite of the weather. Any fun New Year's Plans?

Later chica!!