Monday, January 22, 2007

Favorite Things #1: Smell

My favorite smell is definitely lilacs.

I never thought much of lilacs before my 18th birthday. That year, however, my now-husband Brett gave me my first birthday present from him: a bouquet of lilacs from his mom's lilac bush, the bush that still grows right outside his childhood bedroom window.

No guy had never given me flowers before. I was so touched; they were so delicate and beautiful and they smlled so incredible. We had only had our first date five days before, so it was the perfect gift -- sweet, and sentimental, without going overboard.

Lilacs have since become a symbol of that time in our relationship: every time the lilacs bloom I am reminded of that season of our relationship, when everything was new.

I wanted to use them in our wedding, but unfortunately, they were neither in season nor practical: apparently they do not survive long out of water, and besides that, they are extremely expensive. I compromised and had freesia, roses, and hydrangeas instead -- the freesia smelled lovely, somewhat similar to lilacs, the roses were beautiful and full and creamy, and the hydrangeas were kind of lilac-like...purpley-blue, with lots of little flowers.

I simply can't smell lilacs and stay in a bad mood. As crazy and weird as this sounds, I swear I can feel my brain firing better after I smell them. It's like all the bad stuff is flushed out and replaced with the delicate scent of lilacs.

Someday, when we have a house, I hope we can plant lilac bushes all over our yard, so that in the spring, I can smell them for as long as possible.


Arielle said...

Kathleen, my mother's favorite flowers are lilacs, and we've had lilac bushes in every house we've lived in. She'd even dig up her favorite old ones and bring them to the new house. She has always told me to get married in April so she can grow me lots of lilacs :) I also doubt it would be practical, but they always remind me of my mom. Thanks for bringing up good memories :)

Bree said...

I am so happy to see you joining in on the favorite of the five senses. Lilacs do have such a great smell. And I love to hear sweet stories of you and Brett. You'd never guess by the look of him that he is such a teddy bear.

Kyt said...

That is so beautiful Leen. It's wonderful that you have something that can take you back to a particular time and place that brings you such happiness.