Friday, January 05, 2007

open letter (to a new set of neighbors!)

Dear Upstairs Neighbors (incarnation number three since we moved in the first of June, counting the grumpy old people and the really really loud people with three kids),

I'm sick. And your techno-Gordito's-music (translation: [disclaimer: in no way do I mean this to be racist] loud, bass-driven Latin-style music, seemingly with a techno twist) is really bugging me.

I am sure that we are, from time to time, louder than you'd like us to be (which is not hard to do in this building whose ceilings/floors seem to be made of porous tissue paper), but I just can't really deal with your music and loudness right now. I feel like crap on toast (I seem to have caught that cold that has been going around) and all I really want to do is snuggle in and sleep. And maybe watch a movie. That's all. I don't want to listen to your techno-Gordito's-music. I just. Want. Some. Quiet. Thankyouverymuch.


Your downstairs neighbor who hears everything but really wishes she didn't but then chastises herself because almost anything is better than having three kids living upstairs

{Sidenote: I realize that this post is very similar to one I made a little over a year ago, when I was sick and wanted quiet but my landlord chose that day to work on my house. It's weird how things like this seem to play out over and over again in my life. Or maybe I'm just a complainer.}

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