Sunday, March 25, 2007

a (semi) normal post

It's a gorgeous, sunny day out and what am I doing? Oh, sitting in a dark house in my pajamas, playing on the Internet. What should I be doing? Returning our very overdue movies to the video store. I guess I should get showered and walk up there.

But Brett's at work (hooray, work!), the house is quiet, and I'm just hanging out. I slept in this morning for the first time in a long time, which was lovely, and now I'm being lazy. It's kind of nice. I wish I had something to read, though -- I desperately need to go to the library. Too bad the library and the video store are in opposite directions.

I had about 12 (non-miscarriage-related) ideas for posts yesterday and now that I'm typing on my blog I can't remember any of them. Crap.

Oh, yes! One thing is that I'm very excited for this Thursday night. Why, you ask? Oh, because I am going to meet Isabel and Babboo for dinner! We've been trying to get together for months now, but as I am a flake, it hasn't happened yet. We just randomly found each others' blogs last year, I believe through comments on Amalah's site, and realized we have quite a bit in common -- including our birthday, which I just realized we share as I read her archives yesterday. How random and funny! I'm really looking forward to meeting her in person!

Part of why I'm going to meet Isabel and Babboo for dinner on Thursday (besides the fact I think they're kewl) is that Brett is going to be out of town at a moped rally. I also plan to get together with a few more friends while Brett is gone. I had originally thought I'd go down to Portland to hang out with our families and maybe go maternity clothes shopping, but, obviously, not gonna be doing the last one. So I just decided to avoid the whole thing (and the requisite emotional baggage) and stay home.

I posted back in November when Brett went out of town about how I kind of enjoy and kind of hate it when he's gone. Of course, I miss him, but I also really love the quiet time and the time with friends. Hopefully it will be a good weekend, and not one where I end up missing him unduly.


Isabel said...

So now instead of Thursday dinner, we're going to have to settle for lunch. Boo-hoo!! But I am VERY excited about it. :-)

And I'm with you, I like it when my husbands away, but I also hate it. Sounds like you have some good things planned.

(Hooray for Birthday Twins!!)

Joel + Sarah said...

Just wanted to say that it was great seeing you guys and I've actually read up on your life now that I've subscribed to this Google Reader thingie. I'm so sorry about the baby... I feel so callous not knowing about it when we were talking in person!! Anyway, hopefully this new tool will help me get more up-to-date...

Love, Sarah