Thursday, May 17, 2007

birthday recap and serindipity

So, after I posted on Sunday, my day just kept getting better and better. Brett really outdid himself. I was so impressed with his planning and what he came up with for a fun day! It was truly perfect.

After eating the pain au chocolat (while watching The Sopranos, of course, because we are addicted) and taking a shower, he gave me my present.

I had a feeling I was getting some kind of jewelry (probably earrings) because a few years ago on our wedding anniversary, I lost one of the pearl earrings I'd worn in our wedding. Brett had promised me he would get me something to replace them but we'd been super poor at the time so we never had.

Well. He put the box in my hand, and I opened it, and was completely and utterly shocked. You can sort of see them in this picture -- he had gotten me diamond earrings!!! I was floored. I almost started crying. It was really sweet of him.

After I opened my present, we went downtown to the newly-reopened Seattle Art Museum. It was pretty cool -- definitely an improvement over what they had before. Still, it was a little too focused on older art for Brett's taste. He commented after we left that he hardly saw anything post-1980 in there. I don't mind that as much; I tend to like the older works. I especially liked the collections of Northwest art that they had.

We were hungry after walking arond the museum, so we went and had some lunch at a bar we used to go to when we lived down the street. After sharing some hummus and french fries (I know, I know), we hopped on a bus and headed down to Elliott Bay Books to browse around.

By the time we finished there, it was getting close to time to be at our next destination, which was a surprise. Turned out that it was a pretty fancy Italian restaurant that I'd wanted to try for a few years. It was really yummy! We shared a salad, and then had pasta, and also warm chocolate pudding cake for dessert. Mmmmm.

We then left for our next destination, which turned out to be the Fifth Avenue Theatre to see the musical/dance version of Edward Scissorhands. It was totally cool! It was all dance; there was no speaking. Still, it was easy to understand the storyline because the dancers were so expressive.

All in all, it was a fantastic day. We had a great time hanging out. The effort Brett put into making the day special was incredible. I was so impressed and pleased. It really was the perfect day!


And now, something random.

When C came to visit in March, she was astounded at the sheer number of people I managed to run into, both downtown and in our neighborhood. I am not sure why, but I do seem to have a knack for running into people I know. I really love it, actually. It makes Seattle feel like a smallish community rather than a big city.

Anyhow, let me get to the point.

Last night, I had to go have my measurements taken for my bridesmaid dress for Brett's sister Amy's wedding, which is coming up in July. I was walking down Fourth Avenue (a street I never walk down at that time of day) and was waiting to cross the street when I heard a familiar whistle.

Some friends from college always used to whistle this specific whistle (who-WHOOO) whenever they wanted to get someone's attention.

It made me pause and look around -- only to see two friends from college (who had married each other) waving to me from atop a plaza a few floors up! They yelled to stay there and they would come down.

When they got to where I was standing on the sidewalk, they informed me that they had just been standing there having this conversation:

Her: "What would you do if we were standing here and we saw someone we knew right now?"

Him: "Well, I guess I'd whistle."

Her: "OH my GOSH! There's Kathleen!"

Him: who-WHOOOO!

I hadn't seen them since the wedding of some mutual friends three years ago. It's even more random, because these two don't even live in Seattle anymore -- they live in Portland and were just up for the wife to go to a conference.

We wound up standing on the street corner and talking for quite a while. Turns out, they had had a miscarriage a few months ago, too. I can't describe, really, the emotional connection of that moment. Yes, these are people I've known for (gulp) eight years now, but just hearing that made me feel closer to them than I probably ever had. Unfortunately, it really *is* like joining a secret society when you have a miscarriage and when you encounter others who have been through the same thing.

I teared up a bit while we were talking about it, standing in front of Nordstrom. But it was a healthy tearing-up, I think: acknowledging the pain but not giving in to it, if that makes any sense. Talking to someone who has been there brings the emotion to the surface much more powerfully than talking to someone who hasn't. I guess it was a moment when I realized that the emotions will probably surface like that for the rest of my life: at random times, in somewhat inopportune places, and especially when talking to people who have been there.

It was cathartic to realize that I'm moving on, feeling better, coping. And it was good and healing, too, to know that I haven't forgotten. I realize that sounds like a contradction of sorts, but I know some of you will understand.


Joel + Sarah said...

Ha ha! I totally know who you're talking about!

p.s. happy belated birthday! I'm glad it turned out to be a great day.

Isabel said...

What a great birthday. Brett gets a million points for being so thoughtful!

How fun to run into old friends. Sad to hear they went through a miscarriage also. But good that you were able to talk about it and share feelings. Yes, those emotions will be around forever. That's why I cried when I talked to you about it.

Kris said...

What a wonderful husbad! Glad your birthday was so wonderful.