Monday, May 21, 2007

Rachel visits Seattle

Brett's sister Rachel came up from Portland to visit us this weekend. She's 18 and a ton of fun. We got to spend a lot of time just the two of us because Brett had to work. It was great! We got to meet her soon-to-be college roommate, we did a lot of shopping, we ate a TON of good food (Mexican, Indian, and Thai, mostly, as well as pastries from Café Besalu), and sat on the couch and watached some movies while eating lots of ice cream. We also went up to the top of my building, which is something I like to do with people who visit the area. It was a great weekend.

Rachel took a bunch of photos.

Here is Brett, being weird, playing his electric guitar (which was not plugged in) while wearing his bike helmet. Oooookay.

Here is Audrey, our cat, getting cozy with Rachel's shoes while Brett pets her with his foot.

Rachel and me in the elevator -- a cute self-portrait.
Brett and Rachel in the elevator. I really like this picture of both of them.

The three of us on top of my building.

A cute self-portrait of Rachel and me.

Brett and me.

Brett and Rachel with the really pretty sky. It rained on and off the entire weekend.

A pretty cute picture of me, except for my double chin and for the backdrop. But still, not bad.

Brett and Rachel being fat kids and eating a ton of ice cream.

The Fiestaware bowls I got with some of my birthday money. I had been wanting these mixing bowls for a few years, but the set is pretty pricey. I finally sprung for it this weekend, with my birthday money from my mom and from Brett's parents. The bowls are in tangerine, scarlet, and peacock. I didn't have anything in scarlet or peacock before I got these bowls, so I'm excited to have them.

And there you have it...our weekend, in pictures. It was so much fun and I'm so glad Rachel got to come. This is one huge benefit of living in the same time zone as family -- they can come visit more often!

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Isabel said...

I love all the pictures. It looks like you guys had a GREAT weekend. (Sorry about the stupid rain!) And tell me, is that the Old Navy elevator? I spend a lot of time in that one..and it looks familiar!!

Hooray for your new bowls. Very sassy!