Friday, June 08, 2007

Well, Melissa is home. They discharged her on Wednesday and she has been home since. She is still feeling really bad, though, and the headache doesn't seem to be going away, so please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Also, my mom is going to have to work all weekend in order to get everything done that she needs to for her job, so that is going to be stressful, too. And the older kids have been farmed out with various relatives all week, and they are tired of it and want to come home but Melissa isn't allowed to be alone with them, so they can't yet.

It's just a stressful and scary situation. Thanks for all of your prayers; they are much appreciated.

Monday, June 04, 2007

another update and congratulations

Not a ton to add about Melissa, but here's what I do know:

She is still in the hospital. They are keeping her at least tonight (this will be night three) and then tomorrow they will see how she responds to the pill form of the pain medication they are giving her. Right now, she is on an IV form of it since the pain is excruciating, but they are going to try to wean her off of that and see how the pill works tomorrow. If they can get that to be effective, then they will send her home.

I've talked to her a couple times in the past couple of days, and she is mostly coherent, so that is good. She also has said multiple times that she really misses her kids. Maybe that should be a clue to the doctors that the pain meds are working a little too well. :p (I kid, I kid.)

My dad is helping with the kids, and Brett's family has offered to help, too, so that is good.


In other news, I am sending a big CONGRATULATIONS to Brett's sister Rachel, who graduates from high school tonight. I can't believe she is reaching this milestone. When I first met Brett, Rachel was a little, roly-poly, curly-haired, adorable, precocious fourth grader. Now, she is a tall, thin, gorgeous, fun, hilarious, kind woman, of whom I am extremely proud and who I am proud to call a member of my family. I wish we could be there tonight to celebrate, but our (stupid) high school scheduled the graduation for a Monday, and we just couldn't take two days off of work. :(

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS, RACHEL!! I am so proud of you and I cannot wait to see where God will lead you in life. You will go far, I am sure.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

another update

I just got this update from my mom. She sent it about 10:15. I'm really worried about my sister, and I am worried that no one is there with her tonight. I'm frustrated that my dad wouldn't keep the baby so my mom could stay and that he or my stepmom didn't stay with her. I'm just really concerned. What if something happens when no one is there with her?

Please keep my sister in your prayers.


Hi Leenie,
I was going to call but I don't want to wake you up. Melissa's fever was up when I left the hospital at about 9:45. I really hated to leave her but Dad & Sandy didn't want to keep Jake over night and I needed to bring him home. Pray she will be well cared for. At 8:30 tonight she thought it was 8:30 tomorrow morning, she is so disoriented. I am going to go to bed but I will probably be awake for a while.
Love You,


I know, it's been a couple of weeks. After Rachel's visit, Brett left for Kalamazoo and the moped rally, and I went down to Portland for a week to visit my family and to see my brother and his wife and kids, who were in Portland from Oklahoma, which was a total treat. So, suffice it to say, I've been busy.

I have a couple posts in the works that I'll try to get out this week.

But for now, if I could ask for some prayers -- my sister was admitted to the hospital today with meningitis. She woke up my mom at 4 a.m. with a headache so bad she couldn't stand up, and they spent all day at the ER until the doctors finally made the decision to admit her around 2 or 3 this afternoon. If you could pray for the following, I'd appreciate it.
  • My sister, that her pain is eased and that she suffers no long-term effects
  • My sister's kids, that care can be found for them this week as my sister will be in no condition to take care of them and they may not be able to go to daycare or school since they've been exposed
  • My mom, that she would be able to take care of my sister and the kids and also get her work done at her job, as this is the busiest week of her month and she was planning on working all weekend and working 10-12 hour days this week just to get her work done
  • Me, my brother, his wife, their kids, my sister's kids, and my mom, that we would not get meningitis even though we all may have been exposed
Thanks for your prayers. I'll keep you posted. I'm probably going to call my mom for an update soon...this is some scary stuff.

**Edited at 8:10 p.m. to add: I just talked with Brett's mom and sister. They said they'd be more than happy to help with childcare this that is a blessing and an answer to one prayer. Also, my mom just went back up to the hospital and said that my sister has been sleeping, which is a good thing too.