Monday, June 04, 2007

another update and congratulations

Not a ton to add about Melissa, but here's what I do know:

She is still in the hospital. They are keeping her at least tonight (this will be night three) and then tomorrow they will see how she responds to the pill form of the pain medication they are giving her. Right now, she is on an IV form of it since the pain is excruciating, but they are going to try to wean her off of that and see how the pill works tomorrow. If they can get that to be effective, then they will send her home.

I've talked to her a couple times in the past couple of days, and she is mostly coherent, so that is good. She also has said multiple times that she really misses her kids. Maybe that should be a clue to the doctors that the pain meds are working a little too well. :p (I kid, I kid.)

My dad is helping with the kids, and Brett's family has offered to help, too, so that is good.


In other news, I am sending a big CONGRATULATIONS to Brett's sister Rachel, who graduates from high school tonight. I can't believe she is reaching this milestone. When I first met Brett, Rachel was a little, roly-poly, curly-haired, adorable, precocious fourth grader. Now, she is a tall, thin, gorgeous, fun, hilarious, kind woman, of whom I am extremely proud and who I am proud to call a member of my family. I wish we could be there tonight to celebrate, but our (stupid) high school scheduled the graduation for a Monday, and we just couldn't take two days off of work. :(

Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS, RACHEL!! I am so proud of you and I cannot wait to see where God will lead you in life. You will go far, I am sure.


Isabel said...

This is what happens when I'm too busy at work to read blogs.

I hope that things are looking up for your sister. How scary.

We will add her (and the rest of you) to our family prayers. Keep us posted.

(congrats to Rachel. What a fun time for her.)

kkrombein said...

praying for your sis...let us know if we can do anything--