Tuesday, August 14, 2007

a good appointment

Despite the fact that the doctor was running about an hour-and-a-half behind (what can you expect at an OB's office, I guess), I had a great appointment today! I feel like my doctor really listened to my concerns and that we came up with a plan for how to proceed and manage all of my sickness issues.

She is going to do some testing to see if part of my problem is with my gallbladder (apparently gallbladder problems are fairly common in pregnancy -- who knew?) and go from there. But in the meantime, we have a plan: keep up with the Zofran, eat a very low-fat, gallbladder friendly diet (which = sad, sad day for french-fry-loving Kathleen), start a different antacid, and call the on-call doc or go to the ER if I have another episode like Sunday.

It feels good knowing I have a plan in place, and knowing that the doctor really heard me and understood and was sympathetic, and that I'm not just a crazy hypochondriac lady who can't take being pregnant.

So we will schedule the so-called big ultrasound for the next few weeks, which is exciting! This is the ultrasound where most people find out whether they are having a boy or a girl, but we are skipping that portion of it. Still, we will get to see the baby again -- so cool! I just have to figure out Brett's work schedule and then get it on the calendar.

Umm, what else? Other good news includes a healthy, loud, baby heartbeat (yay!) and that I gained two pounds, which brings me almost back up to the weight I was when I got pregnant! I never thought I'd be so happy about gaining weight, but it's a relief to know I haven't lost any more, even if I'm still not back at my original weight.

They did some bloodwork for the quad screen, which checks for risk factors for various birth defects (such as Trisomy 18 -- Down's Syndrome) as well as pregnancy complications (such as a predisposition toward preeclampsia). It's a routine test that they do for everyone and I should know the results in a week or two. I'm not worried about it; I'm sure everything is fine.

Anyway, it was a good appointment overall and I'm actually feeling moderately good today, healthwise, although I'm exhausted. But hey, at least the work day goes by quickly when you're gone for almost three hours in the middle of it! :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulation! I was randomly reading blogs, and saw yours. I hope all goes well.

Kris said...

I'm glad there's a plan to help with the yucky morning sickness. Enjoy that ultra sound. It's so wonderful to see baby. And after labor, it's worth it not finding out the gender, in my opinion. That surprise is well worth 9 months of waiting, even if you have no name picked out!

Rachel said...

I am glad your appointment went well.

We weren't going to find out the gender of our baby until my sister didn't with my nephew. It drove me crazy! So, we ended up finding out with our baby.

It has been so reassuring knowing we are having a little boy after our miscarriage.