Saturday, August 04, 2007

in the midst of the rally...

Every time I think my life just might calm down a bit, it seems to speed up again. **sigh** Oh well. I guess it's good to be busy; it's just so tiring!

Work was crazy this week. We had a huge tenant event and I'm exhausted from it. However, it went really well, so that is worth it.

Brett and I had a fantastic anniversary. We had dinner at Carmelita, an all-vegetarian restaurant that we've been wanting to go to for a long time. It was soooo yummy. I had the lemon-asparagus-fava bean risotto, and Brett had this pasta-y thing that looked so rich and cheesy and good. We really enjoyed it! I need to write some more about the dinner and about our new philosophy toward eating out...maybe next week.

Now, we're in the midst of the Seattle moped rally -- Blood Drive V. Since I can't ride a moped this year (SO SAD!!) I am driving one of the breakdown vehicles. What a freakin adventure that is, trying to navigate a 15-passenger van through Seattle traffic, trying to stay behind mopeds, and trying to abruptly pull over when someone breaks down. I am just praying I don't get a ticket...I've had to do some, uh, not-so-legal things already, and it's only been one day.

I have been telling myself for months that after this weekend, I could relax a bit. We've been down to Portland a ton, participated in Amy and Seth's wedding, had a ton of stress at work, and now the rally. But now, we just found out this week that our application was approved for a house we are going to rent -- so we'll be moving as of September 1.

Very good news, and we are super excited, but OMG, life is just never going to slow down, and that thought is overwhelming.

Anyway, more about the house and our dinner and the rally later -- we are off to breakfast and then to a day of me watching everyone else ride while I drive a cumbersome vehicle around since I can't ride this year. **sigh** I know it's worth it not to be able to ride, but it's so fun to ride in a big group, and it's so not fun to drive a chase vehicle...maybe another year.

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