Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It is so surreal to me that this...person, a real little person, is inside of me right now. It's definitely an awe-inspiring experience to see the ultrasound.

The ultrasound was great. We didn't find out the gender, but it was still so fun to see the little guy/girl. Well, I guess I should say the giant guy/girl, because He/She is measuring a whole week ahead! Oh, my. I hope that doesn't mean a 10-pound baby!

They didn't find anything wrong with my gallbladder, so now we are back to "I guess you're just one of those unlucky ones who is sick for a lot longer than normal." :( I wanted there to be a reason, and a solution! But alas, I guess that's not to be. I hope I keep feeling better...it definitely seems to come in waves of sickness; hopefully it stays away for a while now.


Rachel said...

Cute baby!

Bree said...

Oh Leen! These pictures are amazing. Great profile and a tiny foot! So precious, mysterious, and awe inspiring. I am so excited for this little one to join us all soon. We must get together soon so I can see your nice pergo belly.

Isabel said...

Just seeing that little face made me all giddy inside. Thanks for sharing.

Kris said...

Don't you just love the foot photo. Right away I knew Ryan had my dad's feet =-) Can't wait for baby to arrive so we can meet him or her!