Wednesday, August 08, 2007

it's official: the hormones have taken over

Someone seriously must have peed in my wheaties this morning...oh, that's right, I didn't GET wheaties, or any other form of breakfast, for that matter, since I've been tied to my effing desk all morning because everyone has been in meetings.


Dear...everyone (let's just make this comprehensive),

I can no longer be held responsible for what comes out of my mouth today. Something (read: baby + hormones) has taken over my body, and words, mean, rude words, just pop out unbidden. I apologize in advance for anything I might say or do that is abnormal, rude, mean, bitchy, or pushy. I'm usually able to keep such thoughts to myself, but that has recently become impossible.

I also apologize to my co-workers and to the elevator tech for snapping at you. I know that apologizing while I'm bitching you out doesn't do much good, but at least you know I'm trying.



Rachel said...

Will you send that letter to the older lady who works in my building. I totally snapped at her yesterday. I am sure she had no idea where it was coming from because my reputation is that I am very sweet. Ha ha, not anymore. I told my boss about it just in case he heard through the grapevine. He sort of thought it was funny.

Kris said...

When do we get to see photos of your baby bump?