Friday, August 31, 2007

T-Minus 12-ish Hours

We're moving tomorrow, which is super exciting because we'll be in a sweet house in a fantastic neighborhood. However, that also means that we'll be Internet-less for a while -- lame.

I'm working on a post about some things I've been pondering regarding last week's sermon, so I'll try to post that next week once we have Internet back, but life is crazy, so we'll see. Work is insane right now with a bunch of changes that I can't really get into here so I may just be too swamped in general (if work is crazy, I am so much less inclined to do anything at night) to do much working on posts. However, that said, I'll try to at least post some house photos and an updated belly photo soon.

Also, thankfully, I'm feeling less sick this week. I don't know if that is because I'm taking Zofran twice a day, or if I'm just feeling better, or a combination of both, but hopefully it continues. The baby just kicked -- He/She agrees!

Now it's off to bed to try to get some rest before we do the big move...

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Kris said...

Good Luck!