Tuesday, October 02, 2007

fall is here! (and a bonus belly photo)

Oh, I love fall. So much!!

It has really snuck up on me this year. In years past, I've waited and waited for it to come, watched obsessively for the leaves to change, and rejoiced as temperatures dropped.

This year, I was surprised to wake up a few days ago and find that it was cold! And foggy! And that the leaves were beginning to drop! YAY!

We've had a series of storms through the area this week, and I love it. Saturday and Sunday brought extremely heavy rains. (Poor Brett had to ride his moped to/from work on Sunday; he came home looking like he'd taken a shower with all his clothes on. He was soaked to the skin!)

Today, it's windy, foggy, and rainy. The rain keeps hitting the window behind my desk, and the wind keeps blowing one of the lobby doors open. I woke up to the sound of the wind off the water hitting the house this morning. It was still dark when I got out of bed, and I looked out the window in the baby's room to our view of Phinney Ridge, Fremont, and Capitol Hill, and saw trees writhing in the darkness, the streets gleaming and wet in the light from the streetlamps. The windows of houses nearby glowed with warmth in the semi-darkness, such a contrast to the wild, dark, wet atmosphere outside.

I remember when we were in Maine, I would get so homesick for this kind of Seattle fall weather. I would recall a photo that was taken right around the time we moved to Maine. The photo was of me, sitting in the coffee shop around the corner from our house, hands cupping a latte, with the slick, wet, leaf-covered street behind me through the windows. That photo really captured the essence of what I love about this season, and I would look at it and get all teary, missing the rain and the leaves and the dim grey-ness of fall and winter and, of course, the coziness of being inside somewhere while the weather is so nasty.

I can enjoy fall so much more here, knowing that 6 or 7 months of miserable freezing temperatures, snow, and ice are not to follow. I'll take 6 months of rain, wind, and fog any day over snow!

And now, the bonus. I have been meaning to post a belly photo for a couple of weeks now. Here I am today, at 24w4d. I am definitely getting huge-ish. I don't think this photo does my belly justice, but it was the best photo of me overall in the bunch that I took so it's the one I'm posting. Brett keeps saying he'll take a good one of me (so I don't have to do it in a bathroom and all) but he hasn't yet so I just keep resorting to the mirror-self-portrait belly shots.

24 weeks, 4 days


Kris said...

Fall is my favorite season too. Though our fall will be followed by that awful Maine snow for about nine months =-) You're looking very pregnant. I can't decide if I think you're having a girl or a boy. I've been right on two of my predictions this year... both were girls. I was leaning girl, but now I wonder if it will be a boy... just have to wait I guess.

rebecca said...

Completely off the subject: Sara deleted her blog :( She blamed school work and not enough time. Lame-o! :)

Here's her profile on facebook, if you want to update her link: http://belmont.facebook.com/profile.php?id=34101435

(And yes, I hope she reads this!)

On the subject: I love the pic — even if it's in a bathroom... we can easily compare the previous pic because the background is the same. Bonus! :)

I absolutely love the fall time too. My favorite. I can't decide if I love it just because I love the colors and weather, or if it also helps that I was born during this season and it's just the way I naturally like things?! Interesting thought for too-early on a Wednesday morning, that's for sure.

Glad things are going well!! :)

C said...

You look terrific, Kathleen! I'm so jealous of your fall weather--it still feels like summer here and I miss getting to see the leaves change!

(oh, and if we're guessing gender I'm getting a very strong girl vibe from you)

Marci Larsen said...

Beautiful mama belly